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Dying Dreams hehe this is a poem:
i wanna dream that i can hold you in my harms at night that you will be there for me day thru night cuz all i see is love in your eyes baby is this reallywhat u wanna do cuz i really hope that we can be together forever with this love so strong i can see you in my life forever cuz your my soul mate and my best friend i will always love you........


heres another one: You are my sweet surrdender baby your the flower that never dies it allways a happy day when you are near me your sweet lipz touching mine your the dreams that never go away you make me fell like ill be ok in the cold winter nights your there to keep me warm  and when im sad youll be there for me to cheer me up you are my sweet surrender that will never go away the dreams that will never fade away you are the flower that never dies or withers away you make my saddest days the happiest and all i wanna here is you love me.....

Plz Tell Me How You Think Of Them

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Lonley tears

Hey my name is andrea and like have you ever just want to lye down in a felid and think about stuff i love it but i always wanted a person that didnt want a girl for her looks but my school isant like that im a lonley person swear to god i feel like im all alone inthe world and my only freedom is on a open feild
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...can you tell me why you have been so sad?...

Hi. My name's Aubree. & my dying dream is to feel loved again. I moved to a new city and right now, I have no friends at my new school. I go through out the whole day talking to absolutely no one. I've been there for months, so you'd think I would've made friends. Thought wrong. Umm...thanks for reading. <3
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How close is close enough?


I know it's a bit late, but on Christmas Eve I lied awake in bed staring up at the roof. I had the blinds slightly opened so I could see the small amount of light coming from the stars and the moon. I closed my eyes and imagined that there was someone lying beside me, their arms wrapped tightly around me as we listened to music softly. I imagined that I'd wake up with someone whispering 'Merry Christmas...' lovingly as they held me...


Hi, my name is Crystal. I'm 21 years old. I moved to Las Vegas in March of this year. I haven't made any friends so I want to try and make friends on here. I hope to do that in this community.

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um, hey! my name is valerie and I decided on joining your intruiging community. It interested me because I like writing too. but for the input on dreams:

I've always wanted to fall asleep with the person of my dreams under a sky light of some sort and waking up in their arms with the light staring down on us. I duno, I've just always liked the idea of being able to leisure the day away with the one I love.

::sappy tears:: lol, o well! ook. thanks!
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