July 4th, 2005


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so, itz lyk the middle of summer for me. summer has sucked. a lotta bad stuph has happened but w/e. i'll get over it. most of my friendz r switching skools. i even lost my b/f cuz of it. at the last day of skool we broke up cuz we wouldn't get 2 see each other. it reli bites. i kared about hym a lot. itz all good i guezz, guyz come n go, we getover them eventually right? i hope so. anywayz, me n my friendz say high skool is for finding our bride's maids not the groom! ha so tru. i'll be a junior when i go back, i have a lotta senior and sophomore friendz 2 tho. i fight a lot with my rents, mainly my mom. but w/e.

well sorry i'm jest lyk going on and on. i guezz i'm jest kinda lookin for some new friendz n wut not. well i'm done talkin so i'm out. bya much love!
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