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our graphics rock harder then yours!

The place where icons can roam free

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mod is confsdblonde
contact me if you have any problems!!

all memories are members only
and this community is now also members only!!
acoustic guitars, all american rejects, anything hot pink, balloons, basketball, beach, boredem, bowling, california, care bears, cartoon characters, cd's, cds, chinese food, chocolate covered strawberries, christmas, class clown, cloudy days, comfy pants, comfy sweatshirts, concerts, crushes, cuddling, cute underwear, dance parties, dancing, dancing in the car, degrassi, dickies, digital cameras, dolphins, dopey from snow white, dorks, dreaming, falling off bikes...lol sheridan, field hockey, fire, flirting, friends, girls night out, going to the beach, green day, guitar, guitarists, guys, halloween, hanging out, hanging with friends, hawaii, hugging, hugs, ice cream, ice hockey, ice skating, icons, in and out, in-n-out vanilla milkshakes, kittens, lacross, mac and cheese, making icons, monkeys, movies, music, nerds, new found glory, ocean, parties, paul walker, penguins, photography, pictures, pink, pirates of the carribean, pizza, playing pool, poems, poetry, posters, relient k, rfr, riding bikes "drunk", rock and roll, rocky horror picture show, rubber ducks, san diego, saved by the bell, schfiftyfive, shooting stars, shopping, skinny dipping, smiling, snowflakes, something corporate, spongebob squarepants, squirrels, starbucks, story of the year, straight hair, sugarcult, summer, surfer hair, switchfoot, takin pictures, talkin on the phone, the 80's, the all american rejects, the ataris, the oc, the starting line, three days grace, thursday, water, whales, xmas, yellowcard