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_duckaholics_'s Journal

Fans of NCIS's Donald "Ducky" Mallard

Duckaholics Anonymous
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Do you enjoy the character of Donald "Ducky" Mallard on NCIS? Do you find yourself squeeing whenever Ducky is in a scene? Even more so whenever he smiles? Do you enjoy reading fanfiction that involves Ducky? Then you are in the right place! Welcome to _duckaholics_!

In order for everyone to enjoy this community, there are a few rules and tidbits of information that members should keep in mind:

** Information and discussion about David McCallum and/or his other roles is very welcome and considered on-topic.

** Please play nice with your community siblings! We're all here because we have a common interest; that should always be our focus. If you have a problem with something that has been posted, I encourage you to either contact the moderator or take the personal discussion off-community. Flaming in any form will not be tolerated.

** When discussing current NCIS episodes, please be considerate of those community sibs who may have not yet seen them – especially sibs from overseas who may have to wait for some time. Please label all potential spoiler material in the subject header, and then place the text of your post behind a cut. Don't know what an lj-cut is or how to use one? Click here!

** Pictures/screen caps for squeeing and drooling purposes are also welcome, but if a picture is larger than 350x350 please place it behind a cut. This prevents lengthy Flist loading times for people using dial-up connections.

** Fan fiction that involves Ducky's character is cherished! Please bear in mind that this is an equal opportunity community. All kinds of stories (gen, het, slash), and all ratings (G – NC-17) are welcome to be posted or recommended. Authors – If you are posting a story here, it must be labeled appropriately in the subject line. For example: Untitled (Ducky/Abby) NC-17. Header information can remain visible, but please place the body of your story behind a cut. Following these two guidelines will make it easier for your sibs to avoid a type of story or pairing in which they may not be interested.

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