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New Zine, Past and Present - het [20 May 2009|10:05pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Well, boys and girls, it's done!  I finished Past and Present which is a companion piece to Ducky's Pain.  Once again, tihs is a MFU/NCIS crossover, and will be available at Media West next weekend. 

Also available through
Carriage Hill Press.  Once I have more information on where else you can find this, I'll post an update.


PAST AND PRESENT (het) –A companion to "DUCKY'S PAIN"  
by Batwoman

“Ducky’s Pain” followed Illya and April from U.N.C.L.E. to NCIS as they searched for a madman who was trying to kill both their family and Napoleon’s. Now, in “Past and Present” we learn more about Illya/Ducky and April’s life. The zine includes five stories:

  • First Date – Illya and April are attracted to each other, but they want a a relationship based on more than physical attraction. Illya searches for the  perfect “first” date.
  • Aftermath – Ducky survived “Meat Puzzle.” Can his family survive learning he was kidnapped?
  • Letters – Ducky makes plans for the future.
    • Decisions – NCIS wants April to work for them.
    • Mother's Day – April is given the perfect Mother’s Day gift; the arrest of an old enemy.
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NCIS Fan Fest 2009 - Hotel Reservations [11 May 2009|05:31pm]

If you have not made your hotel reservation please do so as soon as possible. Over 3/4 of the block of rooms we have reserved, at the special NCIS Fan Fest rate, are already reserved. Rooms with two beds are very limited, even with us being able to add a few more to our block. Once these rooms are gone, reservations will only be taken at the current hotel rate not the special NCIS Fan Fest rate. Remember the hotel will honor the special NCIS Fan Fest rate three days prior and three days after the Fan Fest, based on room availability. Your credit card will not be charged until you arrive in September.

If you require assistance in making a hotel reservation please contact us at registrations@ncisfanfest.com with your arrival and departure dates, one or two beds, smoking or non smoking.
Make your reservation today!

NCIS Fan Fest Planning Committee

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NCIS Ficathon: Round IV Sign Ups Reminder! [08 May 2009|08:27pm]


ncis_ficathonis a ficathon community that's open to all aspects of fandom including Gen, Het, Slash and Femslash. There is only one week left to sign up for this ficathon, so come check it out today!

No previous ficathon experience is necessary, and everyone is welcome. We all love NCIS, and we want to celebrate our love of this fun, amazing show with lots of fan fiction.

So come, bring your best ideas, and adventurous spirit and sign up for the ficathon today before it's too late!
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APB - NCIS Fan Fest 2009- Final Chance For Early Bird [25 Apr 2009|03:31pm]

Time is quickly running out for you to save money on registration for NCIS Fan Fest 2009! April 30th is the cut off of Early Bird Registrations. Have your registration postmarked no later April 30th, 2009 and receive the lowest rate for this years NCIS Fan Fest. Starting May 1st, 2009, the registration fee increases by $15. Get your registration in by April 30th and also receive a special gift when you arrive at the Fest in September.

Also, don't forget to tell all your friends about this year's NCIS Fan Fest. "Register A Probie" and receive a special, distinctive, gift when you arrive in September. (a "Probie" is defined at someone who has not registered for a Fan Fest before)

Also, when you send in your registration, don't forget to make your hotel reservations with the Beverly Garland. The Beverly Garland has given us a spectacular room rate for our event, and once our room block is filled up, rooms will be reserved at this rate only at the Beverly Garland's discretion (depending on their occupancy, you may end up paying the regular rate). So, book your rooms quickly. The Beverly Garland will not place any charges to your credit card until you actually arrive in September.

While you're in LA for NCIS Fan Fest, why not make a longer trip out of it. The Beverly Garland will honor the special room rate (as long as we have rooms available) three days prior and three days following NCIS Fan Fest. So, come in early and stay later and enjoy all that sunny southern California has to offer!

For more information about NCIS Fan Fest 2009 and to get your Registration information, visit the website at www.ncisfanfest.com

If you have any questions regarding NCIS Fan Fest 2009, please email us at ncisfanfest_pc@ncisfanfest.com

NCIS Fan Fest 2009 Planning Committee
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NCIS_Ficathon Round IV: Now Open for Sign-Ups! [20 Apr 2009|08:58pm]


ncis_ficathon is a ficathon community that's open to all aspects of fandom including Gen, Het, Slash, Femmeslash. Sign ups for the Fourth round of the ficathon are now open. Come sign up today!

No previous ficathon experience is necessary, and everyone is welcome. We all love NCIS, and we want to celebrate our love of this fun, amazing show with lots of fan fiction.

So come, bring your best ideas, and adventurous spirit and sign up for the ficathon today!
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APB - NCIS Fan Fest 2009 Registration [18 Jan 2009|02:03pm]

Can you use an extra $25? Sure! We all can, right? Take advantage of NCIS Fan Fest 2009 Early Bird registration and receive the lowest registration rate of $75. Procrastinate and you will end up paying more, as much as $100! Early Bird also receives a special gift at the NCIS Fan Fest.

When making your reservations at the Beverly Garland make sure you use the Group Rate Code listed on the NCIS Fan Fest site to receive our special rate. The Beverly Garland will honor this rate for three days before and three days after the NCIS Fan Fest, so take an extra few days before or after the Fan Fest to enjoy the local sites listed in our Local Attractions section.

Airfares are great right now. Many fans and the Planning Committee have found fare watchers helpful in catching those low fares for coming to the NCIS Fan Fest. Why not set a fare watch at your favorite airline or use one of the services that check all the airlines:


We do not endorse or have an affiliation with these services, they are just services used in the past by fans to find airfares.

To visit the 2009 Info Section visit our website www.ncisfanfest.com and click on the 2009 Info Section link in the left sidebar.

As always if you have any questions you may contact us at registrations@ncisfanfest.com

The NCIS Fan Fest 2009 Planning Committee
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NCIS spin off [15 Jan 2009|10:20am]

Read that the NCIS spin off is a go and will be introduced later this season

Just a thought, if Ducky can't continue as an ME, maybe he goes to the new show as the profiler, its not uncommon to take members of the old show to a spin off to ensure viewership

What do you think?

I think Tony is leaving for the new show too, that's why they are trying to make McGee seem more macho and less geeky, that was the whole conversation with Abby about adding new layers and not losing old ones
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So what did every one think of Broken Bird? [13 Jan 2009|08:37pm]

Did it live up to your expectations, did you want more (I did), do you see the emmy nomination?
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A find for David McCallum fans [08 Jan 2009|01:17pm]

I just found a new DVD online store and they've got a stupendous buy on the MAn From Uncle complete set

here's the url if you are interested.


I know nothing about them but if they are legit the prices are great

And mod if this is inappropriate please delete
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Broken Bird Preview following Caged [06 Jan 2009|11:02pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Ruminations and You Tube linkage under the cut!Collapse )

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Ducky centric episode Jan 13th [05 Jan 2009|04:22am]

The Episode is titled Broken Bird
After Ducky is stabbed at a crime scene, the team uncovers disturbing secrets from the doctor's past.
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Happy New Year From NCIS Fan Fest - BIG NEWS! [31 Dec 2008|07:27pm]

NCIS Fan Fest 2009 will be held at Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn Universal Studios in North Hollywood, September 24th-27th. We are in the middle of it all - the Beverly Garland has a direct shuttle to Universal Studios and Universal Studios City Walk. The Beverly Garland is only one Metro stop from Hollywood & Highland (and the sites on Hollywood Blvd.) and the Walk Of Fame. There is so much the Beverly Garland offers!

When planning your vacation dates, make sure you take some extra days either before or after the NCIS Fan Fest, or both. The hotel will honor the special group rate for your hotel reservation 3 days prior to and after the event.

Have a friend that has wanted to come the NCIS Fan Fest and never has? This is the year for them to attend! Register a "Probie"! More details will be available on the registration page. Start talking to all your NCIS friends about attending NCIS Fan Fest 2009!

Registration, Hotel reservations, transportation information, as well as local attraction information will be available in early 2009. Please stay up to date by checking the website often and/or joining the NCIS Fan Fest announcement group, link below. If you are on LiveJournal, you can also 'friend' ncisfanfest.

The NCIS Fan Fest Planning Committee
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Have some fun after watching "Road Kill" on December 2nd [30 Nov 2008|08:32am]

NCIS fans will have an exciting opportunity to have some fun after watching the NCIS episode "Road Kill" on December 2nd. Charles F. Johnson, Executive Producer of NCIS, wanted to share this information with NCIS fans prior to the episode. We have created a webpage at http://www.ncisfanfest.com/roadkill/ with the information. WARNING: This information does contain a spoiler for a subplot of the episode.

We hope you all will take part in this exciting opportunity which looks like a lot of fun!

You have our permission to forward this message to all of your NCIS friends to help spread the information.

The NCIS Fan Fest Planning Committee
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Thanksgiving in New York [27 Nov 2008|08:49pm]

[ mood | wiped out! ]

I was just skimming my friends page when I noticed a link to a thanksving fic.  I realized I probably never posted this here, I don't remember being a part of the NCIS groups on LJ when I wrote this.  So I thought I'd dig it up and post it here.  Some of you may have seen this before, it's on ff.net.

Title: Thanksgiving in New York
Author: Batwoman
Rating: K – gen

you know you want to read it....Collapse )

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Ducky fic rec [31 Aug 2008|04:43pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I just wanted to pop in rec a few Ducky fics I recently found on ff.net.  I haven't spent much time on there in months mostly due to having time due to all the writing I've been doing myself.  But I saw these and just had to share them.

Symbol of Strength by Trivette Lover Heather

Cinderella by Princess Leasel

Limits by Glas Triskellion

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Hello everyone! [18 Jul 2008|03:04pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Long time listener, first time caller.

I'm working on a fic and I need some info. I figured you folks would be the ones who would know.

In which episode(s) did Ducky date that woman who turned out to be the killer? I would like to give it/them a viewing before writing more, but I can't seem to find any episode summaries that mention this plotpoint.

Thanks in advance!

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new member comes bearing a new fic [03 Jul 2008|12:38am]

[ mood | anxious ]

I just found this community and I'd like to share my WIP that features Ducky. It's already up at ff.net but I thought maybe hear I might get some suggestions, see I'm not completely sure where I want to go with this ad I'm looking for Ducky experts to help me bounce a couple of ideas around.

so any way here goes

Auld Lang Syne Ch 1Collapse )

Auld Lang Syne Ch 2Collapse )

Let me know what you think

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New member. And also fic. Can't forget the fic. [22 May 2008|02:01am]

Hello, there. I'm new to the community, as well as the fandom, but I thought I'd post this little tidbit for everyone's possible enjoyment. Sort of like the fruitcake you give to your neighbors when you move into a new neighborhood. Except hopefully better than fruitcake.

But I digress. This is a story (unbetaed, as I didn't have a beta who covered this fandom) that I worked up due to what I viewed as a big hole where a missing scene should have been. And because there's not enough Ducky and Abby fic in the world.  So I put fingers to keyboard and knocked this thing out. Any comments or suggestions are very welcome, and all mistakes are my own.

Title: When the Sky Falls Down

Author: Nemo the Everbeing

Rating: PG-13 for dark themes

Summary: A missing scene during the credits of “Kill Ari, part 1” about how Ducky and Abby got the news.

Spoilers: ‘Twilight’, minor for ‘SWAK’

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APB - NCIS Fan Fest 2008 - Final Chance For Early Bird [27 Apr 2008|10:01pm]

Just a final reminder Early Bird Registration ends April 30th. To receive the lowest registration rate for the NCIS Fan Fest your registration must be postmarked by April 30th. Those who register during Early Bird will receive a special gift at the NCIS Fan Fest. Get those registrations in the mail today, if you haven't already!

Also, once you mail in your registration, remember to book your Hotel room at the same time.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

The NCIS Fan Fest 2008 Planning Committee
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New zine Ducky's Pain.... [22 Apr 2008|11:37pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Now taking advanced orders for Ducky's Pain. 

Ducky's Pain by Batwoman
An NCIS/Man From U.N.C.L.E. crossover novella (het)

     When the NCIS team is called out to investigate the death of young woman, Ducky has an unusual reaction.  Suddenly, the kindly gentleman the team knew has disappeared, replaced by a man with a different accent and attitude, a man who is friends with U.N.C.L.E. agents.
    With the help of U.N.C.L.E., Ducky works to take care of something that
should have been done years ago.. Features both the Man from U.N.C.L.E. and the Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Approx. 110 pages cost $12.00 plus postage

Order information can be found
here.  Zine will be available for Media West.


US postage rate for shipping is $3.00.  She will be accepting $3.00 until she has an exact figure (will post that once I have it).  Zine will be available at the Orphan Table at Media West this year.

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