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New Zine, Past and Present - het

Well, boys and girls, it's done!  I finished Past and Present which is a companion piece to Ducky's Pain.  Once again, tihs is a MFU/NCIS crossover, and will be available at Media West next weekend. 

Also available through
Carriage Hill Press.  Once I have more information on where else you can find this, I'll post an update.


PAST AND PRESENT (het) –A companion to "DUCKY'S PAIN"  
by Batwoman

“Ducky’s Pain” followed Illya and April from U.N.C.L.E. to NCIS as they searched for a madman who was trying to kill both their family and Napoleon’s. Now, in “Past and Present” we learn more about Illya/Ducky and April’s life. The zine includes five stories:

  • First Date – Illya and April are attracted to each other, but they want a a relationship based on more than physical attraction. Illya searches for the  perfect “first” date.
  • Aftermath – Ducky survived “Meat Puzzle.” Can his family survive learning he was kidnapped?
  • Letters – Ducky makes plans for the future.
    • Decisions – NCIS wants April to work for them.
    • Mother's Day – April is given the perfect Mother’s Day gift; the arrest of an old enemy.

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