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Story Links - December 2007

Herewith links to my Gibbs/Ducky December stories. All are slash of various ratings.

PAIRING: Gibbs/Ducky

TITLE: Basic Black

SUMMARY: Gibbs is like ‘basic black’; he goes with everything.

TITLE: Finding A Way

SUMMARY: Gibbs is behaving completely unlike himself and turns on Ducky before collapsing. Someway the old friends have to find a way to make things right again between them.

TITLE: Do You Think?

SUMMARY: DiNozzo wonders about Gibbs and Ducky's love life.

TITLE: Eye Of The Beholder

SUMMARY: Jethro comes home and overhears Ducky on the phone. What he hears surprises him beyond words.

TITLE: Worth A Thousand Words

SUMMARY: McGee finds something in Gibbs's wallet.

TITLE: When I Have You

SUMMARY: Gibbs tells Ducky to get something from his briefcase. However, he'd forgotten something else that was inside.

TITLE: Finally Letting Go

SUMMARY: Gibbs does something he should have done years ago.

TITLE: Family

SUMMARY: Gibbs's team is family.

TITLE: A Dog's Life

SUMMARY: The team arrives at work one day to find a surprising new addition.

TITLE: Challenging Ducky

SUMMARY: The kids ask Ducky questions.

TITLE: Ducky Knows

SUMMARY:  Ducky knows that the boat will never leave the basement.

TITLE: Cold As Ice

SUMMARY: Ducky's eyes are normally warm, until one day.

TITLE: Ultimatum

SUMMARY: Ducky has had enough and gives Gibbs an ultimatum.

TITLE:  Decision

SUMMARY: A sequel to Ultimatum. As he watches Ducky walk away from him, Gibbs knows his lover meant what he said. He has to make a decision.

TITLE: All You Have To Do Is Ask

SUMMARY: Gibbs and Ducky have a formal ceremony to celebrate their unofficial marriage. They then join the team at the NCIS New Year's Eve party.


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