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Ducky's Bio

Some thoughts...

From: http://www.cbs.com/primetime/ncis/characters/david_mccallum_char.shtml

Subject claims birth records destroyed in World War II during the London Blitz.

This would suggest that Ducky was born in London, which kind of negates the idea that he's Scottish. However, I guess there's enough of a doubt about it to not make it certain. It seems to me unlikely that Ducky's family wouldn't have a copy of his birth certificate, even if the public records offices were destroyed. It also seems unlikely that a family as well off as Ducky's wouldn't have got out of London to a safer location. One explanation for the Scottish references might have been that young Ducky may have been evacuated to the country.

PREVIOUS LAW ENFORCEMENT EXPERIENCE: Prior to becoming an American Citizen, subject was a Medical Examiner for the City of London Police,

I didn't think that the City of London had its own police force, but apparently I'm wrong. It is, however, the smallest police force in Britain. Ducky talks about the City of London in the episode "Lt. Jane Doe", and the fact that he worked there might give more credence to him being from London.

He is known to have served one tour in Vietnam with an ANZAC unit.

I'm a little puzzled how Ducky ended up in an ANZAC unit, since these were composed of Australian and New Zealand forces. It's possible, of course, that he was so eager to serve that he joined up with the Australian or NZ army.

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