October 28th, 2006


New fic: Thanksgiving in New York

Title:  Thanksgiving in New York
Author:  Batwoman
Rating: K – gen

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Disclaimer:  I don’t own Ducky he belongs to the Belisarius.  I’m just playing with him and will put them back unscathed when I’m done.   Lee, Amanda, Samantha and the kids belong to me. 

Author’s Notes: Uh, I ah forgot how old Beth was in Famille so I can’t put a set date on this.  If I ever remember I’ll get that info in here.  As a result, I haven’t listed any ages for the kids because I couldn’t pin point one.  Again I’ll make that change when I figure it out.  Lol

I didn’t research anything as far as the parade goes.  I didn’t watch it much growing up so I don’t know if Curious George was in the parade.

Unbetaed but will eventually get it taken care of. 

This was an answer to the October challenge on the special ops boards.  Words to be used, Monkey, Grapes, Macys, Key and Jello.

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