September 15th, 2005

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Pimping Ducky stories

Posted here at the suggestion of our Moderator - the_haunt, thanks, Ghostie.

Herewith some more of my Gibbs/Ducky stories (all are mild slash):

Just A Game
Established Relationship
It's the morning after Twilight, and the team arrive to find another shock awaiting them.

Now Is All That Matters
Established Relationship
A sequel to Just A Game

Truth And Confessions
First time
Gibbs's turns up at Autopsy after his third wife has hit him with a baseball bat.

DiNozzo's Discovery
Established Relationship
Set just after Left For Dead. DiNozzo discovers Gibbs's secret.

By Way Of Love
Established Relationship
Kate and Tony have a conversation about the relationship between Gibbs and Ducky. And Ducky tells Jethro something surprising.

Midnight Ramblings
Established Relationship
Set post Twilight. Gibbs has been called into work; Ducky is at home musing and waiting for his return.

Interrogation Room Number One
Established Relationship.
Written for shayheyred as part of the 2005 yuletide challenge. It isn't always the person in danger who suffers the most. Set the evening of The Meat Puzzle, Ducky returns to NCIS HQ to find Jethro.
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Ducky Wallpaper...

cross posted iwerewolf

This came about from my offering turn this screen cap into a wallpaper this afternoon.  I didn't think I'd get to it tonight due to that class, but since I did, I thought I'd share. 

When I saw the screen cap, this phrase immediatly popped into my head.

Take if you'd like, credit me if you share.

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