September 14th, 2005

effort and error

"See No Evil"

Well, I finally saw an episode of NCIS, although it turned out to be episode one of season two, rather than of season one. Go figure.

In a sentence, I really liked the characters, but the plot was awful. The case Ducky was working on (rearranging dead bodies) seemed infinitely more intriguing than the main case (abducted wife and daughter). The team seemed totally incompetent, although this was kind of funny. The whole 'blind person with special powers' thing was just incredibly daft. Blind people do not have super hearing (not unless they've been zapped by radioactive goo, anyway). And why did only three people go after the bad guy? Don't they have more resources than three people? (they are *The Navy* after all)


Anyway, I *did* like the characters, so we'll see if the stories get any better tonight...