February 8th, 2005


Ah, Newbie initiation

Well, I thought I'd drop a note and say 'hi' as I've been told it's rude to lurk :)

I'm obviously a "Ducky Fan" Else I'm quite out of place being here.

I'm also a fanfic addict. Read it - write it (I'm on my second author name). As far as Ducky goes, I'm a bit of a D/Abby freak don't give me that look or a mild D/Kate, thought I haven't been able to find any good fic with either pairing.

And... I'm going to quit now before I bore you all to pieces.
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NCIS: Meat Puzzle

They didn't screw it up and play it for laughs.

Whew. I am so relieved.

Little comments unrelated to plot: Did y'all catch the pic of an Illya-era David in Mom's room? Nice touch. And of course, the IK reference. Kate probably should have said "Who?" in response to Gibbs, since she's really not old enough to have seen MFU first run and doesn't strike me as the fanfic type who would run into MFU on the internet. :) And good casting on Ducky's mom. Nina Foch's nose and jaw are enough similar to David's that it really made it work.

And it was the first thing I've seen Morgan Weisser in since Space: Above and Beyond, I think. Nice to see him again.

Possibly spoilery comments behind cutCollapse )
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