lonelywalker (lonelywalker) wrote in _duckaholics_,

NCIS Israel Update

In case there are any other Israel inhabitants on the list... I googled the Hallmark Israel site, and they now have a page for NCIS.


According to this, NCIS will be showing 5 times a week (!!!) (Sunday - Thursday) starting from the 13th of September. It'll be on at 21.15 and then repeated in the wee hours of the next morning. So, I guess it's taking over from Law & Order which used to be on at that time.

This is kind of a mixed blessing. Because - yay! for NCIS, but having it on every night makes it certain that I'll miss a couple of episodes a week. Maybe i'll have to start staying up to 02.30.

The Hallmark site also offers the splendid opportunity for you all to see the Hebrew trailer for NCIS.

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