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Nina Foch rocked. She played a pretty believable dementia. It seems pretty safe to say now that Ducky lives at home in order to care for his mother. What a guy.

Ducky's house was gorgeous. Lots of antiques as we learned in a first season ep he collects. Nice touch.

Tony the Italian furniture moving gigolo was adorable with the Corgis.

The actress who played Vincent's mom really did a great job.

Gibbs freaking out over the Duckynapping was fun to watch.

Being embalmed alive is bad enough. Being embalmed alive and knowing the exact procedure of such embalming and vivid details of impending death? ::shudder:: I was this close to not being able to watch. But Ducky wiggling around made it worth it. *g* If the show wasn't using some form of animal blood for this scene, I have to say that fake blood has come a long way. That was pretty darn convincing blood.

The dumbing down of Kate continues. How did she not hear Mother Mallard leave the house before Ducky was kidnapped?! Or hear a van pull up outside the house? How were four Corgis not barking their heads off? I'm not too convinced about Vincent and his mother getting Ducky out of the house and into the van in a matter of seconds, either.

I really disliked how the show ended. Ducky has just been through serious trauma and yet the show ends with more childish banter between Kate and Tony. Because we haven't seen enough of that for a season and a half. Even if I weren't geeked over this episode for Ducky's sake, I felt the show should have wrapped up with Ducky and mum safe at home.

My favorite Ducky moments:

Duck sleeping by the fireplace was a definite mmmmph moment.

Ducky sans glasses. I think I prefer him with glasses, but it was great to see him without.

Just when David thought his days of being tied up and gagged on the set were long gone. I couldn't help wondering if David felt some sort of deja vu. *g* Gags have certainly advanced since the 60's.

The picture of David and his father sitting on the fireplace mantle. awww Seeing that the picture was left out for viewing leaves me to guess that Ducky's father has died. The pic probably wouldn't be left out if Father and Mother Mallard had divorced.

We know the city where Ducky lives now. Though I can't recall the name atm.

I'm sure I'll think of more as soon as I hit Send. :) This ep and Lt. Jane Doe are at the top of my list of favorite Ducky eps.

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