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05.05.04 Deadstar Assembly and ORGY - SOLD OUT PERFORMANCE!

Deadstar Assembly, Orgy & Crossbreed performed to a sold out crowd on May 1st. DSA delivered a kick ass 35 minute set debuting two new songs "Dejected" and "Bled Again." A shout out to all the fans who made this such an amazing night, especially all the fans who traveled from out of state. "People came in from Dallas, Philly, it was just great to meet some of our extended family," says Dreggs.

Click here to watch some of the highlights from the show. Big (11mb) Small (4mb)

04.22.04 Deadstar Assembly continues wokring on the next installation of DSA Music

DSA continues to forge ahead in the studio tracking several songs for their upcoming release. Songs tracked thus far include "Pale Blue" "Bled Again" "Dejected" "Problems At Home" and "The Scene Cannibals". A shout out to all the fans that have logged on and watched the bands recording sessions via the DSA Webcam! The band will be heading back into the studio the 2nd week of May to track a slew of other songs. The band will posting a tentative track list for the entire album in the coming weeks.

DSA are currently in their rehearsal studio gearing up for their May performances. May 1st with ORGY, Culture Room, Ft. Lauderdale FL. May 15th Group Therapy Session II - Kelsey Club, Lake Park, FL. And May 30th with The Genitiorturers and Celldweller - Culture Room, Ft. Lauderdale. If you want to hear some of the new songs, be sure to check out these shows, as they will be performing some choice selections.