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Videos: Doctor Who + Multifandom (w/Doctor Who)

Title: Accidentally
Vidder: darkbunnyrabbit
Song Title/Band: Accidentally in Love, by Counting Crows
Rating: PG
Series: Doctor Who/Takin' Over the Asylum/Blackpool/Casanova/Single Father/Surprise fandom :3
Summary: Spoilers for LOTS OF THINGS.

So, this is a MEP-style crossover couple vid done for fun. Requested couples were:

Fergus/Anyone (Taking over the Asylum)
Donna/Carlisle (Blackpool)
Riley/Tyler (Male OC!)
Donna/Giac (Casanova)
Rose/Dave (Single Father)

There's one more surprise pairing! This is the cutest vid I've ever made, I think. It's like a Fluffy True Love

Link: here

Title: Spin
Vidder: darkbunnyrabbit
Song Title/Band: Spin, by Darren Hayes
Rating: PG?
Series: Doctor Who, Casanova, Blackpool, Takin' Over the Asylum, Secret Diary of a Call Girl
Summary: There's not an enormous amount of spoilers, but consider this a general warning for Blackpool, Doctor Who, Takin' Over the Asylum, and Casanova.

This is just a fun vid playing with all the dancing in these series, there's nothing really any deeper to it. It did take me since...February to finish it, though. Phew.

Link: here

Title: ...And no one can hear
Vidder: darkbunnyrabbit
Song Title/Band: Found Love (Intro) by Rihanna
Rating: G
Series: Doctor Who
Summary: Spoilers for Doomsday.

This video is a bit like an extension of 'the story of how I died' narrative. The audio from the episodes isn't meant to be distinguishable.
Link: here
Rose alone

Video - Pieces (Master/Rose AU PG-13)

Title: Pieces
Vidder: darkbunnyrabbit
Song Title/Band: Pieces, by Linkin Park
Rating: PG-13 (There's one or two sexual references)
Series: Doctor Who
Summary: Spoilers for seasons three and four.

AU assuming for whatever reason there is no Doctor. Rose takes the place of Lucy, first falling for and following the Master faithfully, but over the year slowly realizing just how horrifying he's made Earth. Their relationship is more mutually caustic than Master/Lucy.

The POV is mostly Rose's, but like the relationship, they play a little bit of tug of war over it. It's also not entirely linear, but the plot should still be clear. Their relationship has the both of them so entwined with each other, neither one of them can really let go, even if they want to, and they both will suffer if they do.

Of note: Rose is often dolled up because it's more becoming of the Wife of the Master of the Earth, and she freely moves between the Valiant and Earth.

Link: here
Rose alone

Video - Losing Your Memory (Doctor-River PG)

Title: Losing Your Memory
Vidder: darkbunnyrabbit
Song Title/Band: Losing Your Memory, by Ryan Star
Rating: PG at most
Series: Doctor Who
Summary: Spoilers up to S6x13

Whenever they see each other, they're always forgetting a little bit more.

Slightly AU in that the Doctor and River's timelines are like 95% back to front (with the suggestion that 6x08 or 6x13 is the last encounter with River from the Doctor's POV) rather than the 40% of canon.

...Yeah, right, so I'm a slave to the muse, obviously. There are so many glitches in this video even after three renders, but I spent a day and a half on this, so I am done fighting with it.

Link: here