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Dark Horizons review

Dark Horizons is a new hardback 11th Doctor novel by Jenny Colgan, who has 11 best selling novels or so. When she was 11 years old she met Peter Davison by winning a contest and he thought she was a boy! In any case, the novel is very, very good. It brings back the feeling of good storytelling, amazing original ideas mixed with short references to past stories and other movies and TV shows and the Doctor's own background without going overboard. The novel is helped by not having Amy and Rory and River. The Doctor's on his own and in the far past where he meets Vikings, settlers, and...something else. The TARDIS goes underwater and there is some brilliant imagery there and throughout the other scenes. There are well drawn characters among all the different groups of humans and the threat is dangerous. The Doctor acts like the Doctor--he is not just the hyperactive, manic Doctor we see on TV (IMO Matt Smith has the Doctor all wrong at the current time).

It my opinion that Doctor Who, since 2010 or just before during the Specials (which weren't so special) has lost its storytelling prowess on TV. This novel depicts how to Doctor Who as it tells a plot driven story with seriousness, some humor, a dangerous threat and amazing settings. It is highly recommended.

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