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maybe just one more;]

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jagerrrrrrrr [ 110907 ; 10:57PM ]

i have decided jager is my new best friend.
late nights taking shots with no where to go but sneaking out of my house to meet with boys.

these are the nights i will remeber forever babyyyyyyy
im sooooooooo stoaked

in 3 weeks i will be 18 and i plan to be fucked up everyday until then and on the day of my bday and my party

this shit is going to be grand

fuck yes babyyyyy
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[ 112006 ; 2:11AM ]

omngf iom fso dsetrunk '
fduddck yeah
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HIYA! [ 102906 ; 3:26PM ]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I bought a shirt that says "Liquor is Quicker" and it has a picture of a liquor bottle celebrating as it crosses the finish line and a very angry beer bottle trying to catch up. Just thought I would share.

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[ 102806 ; 8:17PM ]

[ mood | Buzzed ]

I love Halloween.
Drunkness in slutty costumes is the best.
Partied all night last night with some Tequila & whiskey.
Tonight I'm waiting for the fun to begin.
I'm drinking some Coors but hopefully later I'll get some liquor.
Trashed Hooter's Girl=SEXXXXY. haha.

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Just for You Kids [ 091106 ; 12:41AM ]

[ mood | Amused at what an Asshole I am ]

Here is a post from Friday night that I accidentally posted to my regular journal instead of here. So I thought that I would put it up here and ask everyone to comment on their worst extremely too drunk to function moments. Just for fun so we can all laugh at each other and feel not so stupid anymore by reading others experiences. Have fun trying to top this though.

oh last night... why do you exist?

First off... I must once again remind myself that drinking with Nick and Dufour is not a good idea. They think that I can actually keep up with them so they just keep providing beverages and when I stand up BAM I'm trashed. So let's make a small list here. Two shots of vladi vodka in lemonade but that was all me. Then Nick's place for one soco lime shot, one goldschlagger and one peppermint paddy shot. Then to the deli for three jack and cokes and the three coke and tequilas that I accidentally ordered and Nick and Dufour refused to drink. Then onwards to Players night club...

That was a mistake. Add one more soco lime shot with Charlene. Add a really creepy guy that WOULD NOT LEAVE ME ALONE! I swear. He just introduced himself and we started dancing and I didn't really like him so I made the girl signal and char got me out. Five minutes later there he is again. Girl signal. Thai pulls me over to her. BACK AGAIN. Emella saves me. Then I got to the oops I'm going to puke stage and boy took me to the bathroom without telling the girls. THEY WERE MAD at him for taking me alone. That was a great moment seeing Emella cursing him out. Then came the moment were I puked on the bar just a tad. And then Char and the russian guy (not the creepy guy although he was pretty darn creepy himself)taking me home... while I was wearing his shirt and he kept adjusting my shirt because my boobs were falling out... at least that was his excuse to touch me there. Then came the falling down and puking in front of my building as a cop car goes by and the shirtless russian dude that (who didn't even know) has to tell them that i'm ok and not drunk. Then bed time for me... fully dressed. Woke up in the middle of the morning and undressed... putting my clothes where? Into the trashcan next to my bed which had puke in it. Smart move huh?

So the question here is... why do I even exist? Seriously... what was that. Who does any of that? And on top of all of this... I know the creepy guy. I think he works at the verizon store or something. I can't remember but I know that I have bought something from him somewhere and he was wearing a black shirt and kakhi pants... verizon right? And dude is OLD. And seriously ugly. And I have pictures! jesus christ. Way to start the school year me...

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I'm pretty druk! [ 082706 ; 12:47AM ]
[ mood | very drunk! ]

Hey everyone!

I've just nearly drank a bottle of sangrea. I was talking to one of my friends on the phone when I drank mpsot of it but yeah, I thought it was finsihd but i have one blass left and I'm dtining it now yeah, and the roo is spinning to the left a bit. and I thought I'd post in here since eve though I'e got prettty drunk during the last few mothings, I keep forgetting to post and enrty in here even though I keeep meaning ttoo.

And I speilt some drink on my pajama's but not on the florr whiche is kind of lucky in a way, and I'm findign it hard ti type. si anyone else in here getting drunk tongiht? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!

And I went on holdiay to Turkey which was cool and sang karaoke loads. My favourite karoake song is whenever, wherever by Shakira, and someone is messaging me, but goodness kows weither im in any state ato give them a decent remply bt sangere a is lush yeah.

And thsi person I can't be bothered to anse4 but yeah oh dar NS my lap top is kind of wet at teh bottom with rink so I think I'll clean it.

There it's clean, ad I don't know what else to write but want to keeep wing and getting drunk is fun. Ages ago, I used to SAY THAT I'd never drink, I can't believe I said that.

Right I'm off cos I'm kind of confuse d writing this so bye for now! Hahahahahahahahehehehehehehhihihihihihihihohohohohohohohuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhahahahahah!!!!!!!!

bye bye bye bye!!!

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P.S. [ 080406 ; 2:15AM ]

[ mood | drunk ]

p.s. I made my own drink a while back, but I didn't have internet at the time. It's called The Geromino (for reasons unknown) and all it includes is Cactus juice (from Elements or Sobe, you can find it in most stores) and Cherry Vodka. Although the Cherry Wave (which is the type of Cherry vodka I get) is not very strong, it's just so good that you drink a lot of it. :D

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tee hee [ 080406 ; 2:08AM ]

[ mood | drunk ]

Drinking alone is fun. I forgot... of course in the old days I didn't have a surround sound stereo system for Always Sunny and I didn't have a pool table to play on, but nonetheless it's fun as hell. I just thought that I would post here seeing as I haven't heard anything from the likes of you all in some time. You guys really need to post more... or have I just not been paying attention?

Once again, I think that everyone should pay homage to my special ability to type while drunk. I don't know... it must be memory of my hands because I don't even look at the keyboard anymore. I instinctively know when I make a mistake. It's like some godly power. At least, that's what I think when I'm drunk. lol

So how has everyone been. I hope you guys are doing well. I definately think that you should update and tell me how things are going! I'm curious as to whether everyone stops drinking in the summer or if you just stop updating. I know that during the summer I usually don't have the constant internet connection so it's hard for me, but some of you have to have some sort of internet connection.

Anyways, update people! I'm begging you. A drunk person is beggin you to update!

Peace out.

Quote of the night (to myself): "Hard liquor is my candy"

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[ 061106 ; 12:44PM ]

i had a party last night,
we had a gallon of smirnoff raspberry,
a bottle of smirnoff cranberry,
a bottle of jagre,
and a gallon of JD.

it all got drank except for the gallon of jd, which i am now casually sipping mixed with some iced tea.
anyone ever try that? its grand.

mix jack daniles with Arizona icead tea (with lemon flavor) and you've got a friend for life.
add iced tea untill you like the taste.

anyone here?
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Anyone, anyone? [ 060706 ; 10:50PM ]

I am up drinking some fabulous wine- anyome up?
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[ 040706 ; 3:11PM ]

spiced brandy.
what is spiced bransyd?
wjatever it is, me and my friend drank a bottle of it today at school, and it was great.
wshe was shitfaced, becasue she can not controll herself..
i was drunk
but i can controll mtyself, so i was stuck buying her lots of food so that she would sober up.

god damn it.
hahahaf dasijel

i hate it, im always the one being stuck taking care of all my other friends.

i have pictures from past times, ill show them later
i lost my camera.oh boy.
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[ 040706 ; 9:36AM ]

[ mood | calm ]

Just have some pics of my friends from college, my bf and I from when we went to see OAR last friday.... then we went to the bar... I was fuckin drunk.

Drinkin drinkin drinkinCollapse )

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I am here! [ 040506 ; 8:05PM ]

Drinking wine- waiting!
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Pre Mixed Cocktails QUESTION [ 032906 ; 7:50PM ]


Have any of you ever bought those TGI Fridays pre mixed cocktails, like Hurricane, Long Island Iced Rum, ect? How bad do they suck? I am about to give in to curiousity and buy some.
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A poll I created to see what people like to get drunk on [ 031906 ; 11:56PM ]
What do you like to get drunk on?
This poll will contain some alcoholic drinks, and you just choose the one you like to get drunk
on the most. If you drink your favourite drink on the list with a mixer, then it still counts, since you're still getting drunk off it, and it's easier
than me adding mixers in, since people like different ones.

I don't get drunk
This Poll by karaokequeen85
Click here to view current results

The last choice won't apply to anyone in here though, haha!
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[ 031706 ; 9:52PM ]

im prethy fuckin drkunk,.
ahpy st. patricks day.
i #M<3 rum.
yay beuing isrhin. irsih.*
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DRUNK! [ 031706 ; 10:54PM ]

[ mood | dorky ]

shit i'm drunka s hell. I can't believe it... I've had about... 14 shots, two beets, and three margitaas nad none f my roomies are here except hte one tha tlives in my room and threw up at like 8 becvause sher is pathetic... i'be been drinking sicne 11 snd i can't believe that i can still function. LOL.. i realy like this comunity because it lets me be who I am when I am drunk... I think that my roomie is waking uo now so I'm done... I've been drinking since 11 htis mornign.. five me a cookie~ i rock! oh yeah..12 housrs! AWESOME!

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Old Friends [ 031706 ; 2:47PM ]

[ mood | angry ]

So, I had this friend (tiffany) who I was really close with and she and my best friend got in a fight. About a year ago I realized how much tiffany actually was a bitch and sided with my best friend. From there on out I haven't spoken to tiffany even though she was my friend for about 7 years. Her and I were very close. I still feel betrayed by her just because I said I needed time to think over our relationship. While I was thinking about it, tiffany took me off her friend's list and just cut me out of her life. I'm still very hurt by this even though I like to pretend that she doesn't exist. Well, I've been keeping up with her life and always hoping that she's ok. I've used certain means to check up on her that she doesn't know about. But then her neighbor puts this comment on my journal http://ethereal-maiden.livejournal.com/192648.html

I like to lash out about this old friend that I once had. And her next door neighbor was a friend of mine only because she was tiffany's neighbor. But I just don't feel like being nice anymore. It might be because I'm drunk, but someone please tell me that this neighbor girl is being a complete bitch... it's dreamangel86 one. I mean, I know that I was being mean to tiffany, but that's because she hurt me so deeply and it still hurts. And of course this neighbor has been reporting everything that I ever said back to tiffany. But you know what, I'm giving up on her. I don't care what happens in her life anymore and I don't care what she thinks about me. I sacrificed so much of myself for her over the 7 years that we were friends. I let her make me hate myself. So after all this time of caring and everything, it's over. And I just needed somewhere to get all of that out. So thanks for listening. You don't have to care. I just needed to say that somewhere because I can't let my best friend know that I actually still cared for tiffany after all this time. So the end, goodbye Tiffany. and goodridance dreamangel86... stupid bitch.

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Happy St. Patrick's DAy [ 031706 ; 2:18PM ]

[ mood | drunk of course ]

So it's pretty much this journal's national holiday so I thought I would make a post and tell everyone that I'm Irish! Therefore, in the spirit of the day, I'm drunk. I started at 11 this morning and have already been to one class. I;ve had three shot of afters hock, two of godiva liquer, and two of gold schlagger cinnamon. It's good times people. Except that as usual all of my roomies and friends are at the bar and I'm not 21 so I can't go with them. I just have to sit here by myself and drink.. which they always yell at me for, but I dont really care. THey can't yell at me today... i'm celebrating... the ... hertigate of my people (even though tha's not really what this holiday is about)

But anyways, I was just wondering if anyone else is irish? or if anyone else is drunk.. even though I'm not really that drunk... just kinda tyipsy. :P

Much love to drunk girls

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:( [ 030906 ; 11:11PM ]

Maybe Sabrina_95 ( Shoshana ) will forgive me for missing her the other night??? :( I had an improptu wine party that kind of took over everything!!
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