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// Everybody wants to be part of the drug scene

Unfortunitly we're too cool for these kids

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated




_drug_scene is composed of 20 semi-permanent users. In order to join this community, you must challenge an existing member. Community members will then decide who can stay. The person who gets the most votes gets to stay. The other goes... well... wherever they want to go.

Mods can also be challegened. But like everyone else they can try and win their place back in the community.


New applicants must challenge stamped members.

Challange someone that you are sure you can beat.

First entries must inculde you holding up a fan sign saying _drug_scene

Post at least 3 pictures of yourself. Make them good. We want to see your face. Not what Photoshop can make you look like.

Tell us about yourself...this is easy. fill out or survey below:
1. name.
2. age.
3. location.
4. top 5 bands.
5. any piercing? tats?.
6. what drugs have you used?
7. what is your favourite drug
8. tell us about your best trip
9. tell us why we should let you into this community

This community is all about good looks, great hair and what drugs you have used. Don't go and cry if your banned just because you're a nasty little stoner or you have ugly eyebrows.

USE LJ-CUT! and DO NOT post in other posts...and DO NOT vote until you are accepted. once you are, feel free to post whenever. thank you and goodbye

Not accepted?? Try one of our
Sister Communities