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drug secne huh

name:kelly (The poster child of crystal)


location: canada,vancouver,B.C

top 5: busta rhymes,
missy eillott
dizzy rascal
bennie man
three 6 mafia

piercing: nose,toung, ears

drugs used: every thing but pcp,dmt,haroin,

fav drug: WEED(of course) and crystal

best trip:hasent happened yet (death) or 2 many 2 count

why let me in: why not.i have vast knowledge on dope. cum get sum
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Tell us about yourself...this is easy. fill out or survey below:
1. name. Josette
2. age. 18
3. location. PA
4. top 5 bands.
5. any piercing? tats?. One tattoo
6. what drugs have you used? Weed, ecstacy, acid
7. what is your favourite drug ecstacy
8. tell us about your best trip Seeing all these animals and I saw a unicorn and I wanted to follow them
9. tell us why we should let you into this community Because I'd like to me a member

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The playhouse that holds the SNF that I'm in has a new big production: Hair! I'm sure you can all remember it, (it was that big musical from the 60's that featured the song "Aquarius", it was the one with all the love-ins). I couldn't resist auditioning because I was born in that whole Bed Peace, Hair Peace era, and it brings back memories of my parents when they were young. They attended the original Woodstock in 1969, and told my brother and I about that singular incident avidly throughout our whole childhood. With my schedule already pretty busy with this Zoltan case, my children and this other play, I'm not sure if I can fit it in, hopefully though, I was selected for the role of of Berger.

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Auditions are always great, I get to don a long haired wig. If work would allow it, I'd want my hair that length always.


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I'm pretty fucking stoned right now. See, I moved earlier this month and wasn't able to take a supply with me due to a surprise shortage. Well I haven't smoked in much longer than I am accustomed to and overdid it tonight when I came across some good news.

You know what I'm talking about.

So stoned that sitting in front of a computer sounds like a great idea even though I could be watching Home Movies, season 1. Or playing online poker. Or passing the fuck out. No, I'd rather type something that can be read by random people anywhere who are most likely also "sobriety challenged".

So I have to come up with some sort of message, I suppose, in order to amuse myself while at the same time validating such a silly sounding excalmation as above. Therefore, lets talk about this whole buisness of working for the man.

before I hit high school my ambition was simple. Get rich. I came from a poor family and wanted to be able to have things that I wanted, like a nintendo or a snowboard. Then I went to high school and discovered the fun world of hallucinations and decided that there was more in the world than doing what you're told.

Eventually I had to decide whether or not to apply for jobs that required drug testing though, and vowed to make it on my own somehow without having to live the lifestyle my employer chose for me.

It's not as easy as all that, of course, and I'm still working towards it. As I grew up I began to understand many other benifits of becoming your own boss. I still work towards that goal today even though past failures prevent me from sharing my goals with those that aren't closest to me.

sometimes, though, I start to wonder if I'm wrong and just trying to make myself feel better about a habit that very well may be detrimental to some goals I wish to pursue.

Then, of course, I start to sober up.