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1. name. jello the "tool man"
2. age. 18
3. location. Central California coast on the ocean by San Francisco bay
4. top 5 bands. Tool, The Dead Kennedys, Cake, Alice in Chains, Nirvana
5. any piercing? tats?. nope, clean
6. what drugs have you used? from the start ill say it like this literally speaking sense there are allot of drugs that aren't necessarily illegal, but none-the-less altering for the physical and mental being. So ive used alcohol, caffine, dxm, LSA, ellis D, marijuana, mush, dee em Tea, mollys, san pedro, tabacco, meth(Which i fucking hate, i only did it ounce), Cocaine, 2ci, codeine, vicodin, morphine, valuuum, and allot more that i can't really remember unless you mention it.
7. what is your favourite drug, L baby, and im sure you know why.
8. tell us about your best trip, this last saturday down at monterey music summit in california when i saw the band Cake and the roots, i dropped 4 doses, as well as experianced d-m-t for free and for the first time, and that night also lead to the defining moment for me, which ironically was the conundrum that is every tool fan's defining moment "I know the pieces fit."  with all this coming to light i took the that information and i am beginning to write a book, i started it that night into the next morning watching the sunrise on the ocean, and everything i thought and wrote about that night still makes sense to me this very moment, whilst i am not on any drug at all. Everything is a puzzle piece to one larger image, think of that literally, i know some of you know exactly what i mean.
9. tell us why we should let you into this community
I think that if you understand that we are all connected spiritually and you recognize that i as well you know this, that you will let me join, if i am wrong please let me know.


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