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I've heard the detox drinks from puff n stuff, (or any head shop) are bullshit.
but then of course i've heard other people say they DO. What I recomend are AZOs.
ignore the warning label, (at your own risk. just cause it didn't kill me, might not be the same for u.)
I took one, then two, then three. the brighter orange yer piss is the better. If you haven't heard of AZO
it's for kidney infections n shit. And remember to drink a SHIT-LOAD of water with the AZOs.
And it would probably help if you went jogging n stuff, THC sticks to yer fat cells. Lots of exersize and lots
and lots of water is yer best bet, and the AZOs help. Just don't lose self control and think you can burn off
ONE more joint. Cuz ya can't. Then of course you could throw down. Use yer little brothers piss, in a small
squeeze bottle, stick it under yer armpit about an hour before the test to keep it body temperature, and
then stick it in yer underwear. I've been told that girls have an advantage in this situation because of the
"SECRET POCKET" factor. So maybe just put it in "THERE" to keep it body temp. I started posting this
before I read that yer a girl, my bad. GOOD LUCK!

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