sabilicious (sabilicious) wrote in _drug_scene,

1. name. sabrina
2. age.19
3. location. fayetteville, nc
4. top 5 bands. incubus, deftones, a perfect circle, led zep, the eagles
5. any piercing? tats?. tongue, nose, belly... zosoAngel on my back, 2stars downBelow, feather/foot 
6. what drugs have you used? weed, xtc, acid, shrooms, speed, and just about any pill to getcha fucked up... yea
7. what is your favourite drug- reefer and x
8. tell us about your best trip- the first time i rolled if that counts as a trip...  we all went to the beach and seen chevelle met up with this dude who sold us some triple stack green dolphins, went and got a hotel... rolled our asses off.. then watched the sun come up at 7 am.. yea it was fuckin great
9. tell us why we should let you into this community- im on drugs.
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