August 13th, 2007

(no subject)

1. name.Cheyenne
2. age.16
3. location.Deerfield Florida
4. top 5 bands. Christian Death,Combi Christ,VNV Nation, Massiv Attack,Razed in black
5. any piercing? tats?. I have 1/2 inch gauges, industrial, 3 cartiledge, 3 regular ear piercings, monroe, belly button.
6. what drugs have you used? Pot, Special K, Cocaine, DMX, Roxys, bars, other xanax (footballs) percocet, oxycotin, mennie greenies,XTC.
7. what is your favourite drug Special K, Coke, then Bars
8. tell us about your best trip I was with my friend and we were at a show and we were on special k we were tripping our asses off and watching a local band and its just to hard to explain...It was amazing
9. tell us why we should let you into this community Because Iam rad and im a chill person and i know like every thing bout perscription pills, oh plus im a hottie!
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