January 15th, 2007

What it do?

1. name. Sammie
2. age. 17
3. location. Greenville, Indiana
4. top 5 bands. Tool, Pink Floyd, DJ Encore, Gwar, Velvet Acid Christ
5. any piercing? tats?. Just piercings (for now) Ears, cartilages, bullybutton, & nose.
6. what drugs have you used? pot (i don't consider pot to be a drug), Ecstasy, Snow, Ice, GHB, Opium, Codeine, Shrooms, Smack, loratabs, oc's, morph, valiums, footballs, Rock, mescaline, salvia, doses, methadone, perks, vicaprofin, wagonwheels, deladas, DXM, Adderall.....

drugs I wanna try.... Peyote, PCP, Special K

7. what is your favourite drug: Ecstasy.. definitely...
8. tell us about your best trip: omg me and my boyfriend and his bro bought a bag of Blue Triple Stack Louie Vuittons and rented a hotel room... I think we ended up eating about 4 rolls each.... snorted 2 each... and parchuted 2 1/2 each.... and played with glowsticks... and bumped our techno..... I had never felt so good... those were by far the best rolls I have ever eaten... I was tripping so hard, I kept seeing people and crazy shit that was'nt there... I could'nt finish a whole sentence because I could'nt remember what I was talking about..... I was literally losing my mind, going insane... But I LOVED IT!!!!!!!
9. tell us why we should let you into this community; uhhh... why the fuck would'nt you wanna let me in??? Pfft... you a fag or something???
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    DJ Tiesto- "Touch Me"