September 21st, 2006

white blonde, bow, girl


1. name: C - Berlinisburning
2. age: 21
3. location: United Kingdom
4. top 5 bands Depeche Mode, Human League, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Strokes, White Rose Movement. More into Techno, Electro, Minimal, international Clubbing etc etc etc.
5. any piercing? tats? Two tats, one piercing.
6. what drugs have you used? Speed, Weed, Ecstasy, MDMA, Liquid Acid, Ketamine, Tamazapan (sp?), Cocaine
7. what is your favourite drug: Ketamine! and the ever reliable Ecstasy.
8. tell us about your best trip: I thought I was skiing for two hours... I was actually lieing down in bed. And taking acid on Bora Bora Beach in Ibz, everything was becautiful and amazing.
9. tell us why we should let you into this community: Because I'm a party animal, I love to get wrecked, I've been getting on it for five years now and have never once debated giving up. I love drugs, basically...!