July 23rd, 2006

(no subject)

1. name: Alana
2. age: 19
3. location: Washington
4. top 5 bands: Benny Benassi, Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, Sinkingsteps Risingeyes, mewithoutyou
5. any piercings, tats: toungue, web, ear x3, tats on each elbow.
6. what drugs have you used: weed, cocaine, hashish, mushrooms, acid, xtc, dex, opium, pain pills of any sort, alcohol everyday, no heroin
7. what is your favourite drug? alcohol, mushrooms
8. tell us about your best trip? i was frying hard on acid and i felt completely infinite, i was frying in the woods as was a few other people and we ran around frying, then we rode jetskis into the sun. it was like it was our own space ship into a time that wasn't present. it was freeing.
9. tell us why we should let you into this community? because i have many experiences and it's an everyday thing for me.