June 28th, 2006


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I have invites to moola! Message me with your email if you want me to send you one.

Have you seen moola.com? It's a free shot at a 10+ million dollar jackpot!

There are two games you can play, heads up against an opponent, for real money. It's free to play though, you start with a free penny from an advertiser. The games (like rock, paper, scissors) do rely on strategies, but there can be a whole lot of guessing, too. You don't always have to bet your whole bankroll, either. If you end up with more than $10, you can cash out at anytime and moola will send you a check! If you lose all of your money, don't worry, there's another free penny :)

Check out the homepage if you want, but right now you can only sign up through a waiting list. Players like me can send you a personal invite, though, which will put you in my referral network. That means if you were to win 10million, I would get some residual money on the side! (NOT taken from your winnings!) The referral network goes 4 levels deep, too, so this could be a great way to earn some FREE money together! As soon as you sign up, you'll have invites to hand out also, building your own network.


so what harm is there in a free chance? It's like a free lottery ticket.