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// Everybody wants to be part of the drug scene [entries|friends|calendar]

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We were smoking shrooms with kind [24 May 2011|01:38am]

when I realized there were no walls to contain this explosion.


[17 Jan 2009|03:16pm]


Click on the picture above to join a new community for stoners!

If you love reading about the stupid shit that people do when stoned then this is the place. Post your own silly stories, c'mon, you know you have some! Feel free also discuss your crazy stoner theories!


[23 Oct 2007|12:13am]


Allow me to introduce myself! [14 Aug 2007|12:37pm]


Are you into glowsticking, raves and glow parties as I am?  We are a new Canadian owned business called GLOWSTICKSPRO.COM.  We carry the best selection of glowsticks, glow bracelets, glow necklaces, body lights and glow in the dark products on the web. 



Grrr [13 Aug 2007|05:44pm]

[ mood | COKE? ]

I kinda wanna do some coke, I ahve some but I just did some two days ago and dont wanna like get addicted...

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[13 Aug 2007|05:33pm]

[ mood | yay ]

1. name.Cheyenne
2. age.16
3. location.Deerfield Florida
4. top 5 bands. Christian Death,Combi Christ,VNV Nation, Massiv Attack,Razed in black
5. any piercing? tats?. I have 1/2 inch gauges, industrial, 3 cartiledge, 3 regular ear piercings, monroe, belly button.
6. what drugs have you used? Pot, Special K, Cocaine, DMX, Roxys, bars, other xanax (footballs) percocet, oxycotin, mennie greenies,XTC.
7. what is your favourite drug Special K, Coke, then Bars
8. tell us about your best trip I was with my friend and we were at a show and we were on special k we were tripping our asses off and watching a local band and its just to hard to explain...It was amazing
9. tell us why we should let you into this community Because Iam rad and im a chill person and i know like every thing bout perscription pills, oh plus im a hottie!

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Question About Meth [08 May 2007|05:06pm]

I am from Massachusetts and meth use is virtually unknown here, so naturally I do not know alot about it. On television shows like Intervention and Dog the Bounty Hunter is shows people whom are extremley high on Ice (which I assume is meth) and are almost nodding (or passing) out, which heroin users are notorious for. Meth is an upper so why would users be to the point of passing out. I thought people on meth would be all tweaked out and be pacing and be super paranoid etc. Thanks!
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What to do what to do [27 Feb 2007|05:12am]

I am going to try E this weekend, with a friend...for my birthday.
This will be the first drug I have tried besides pot and a hit of speed once.
What should I expect to happen?

x-posted a few places
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[14 Feb 2007|12:32pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

im 14. im emo. i really wanna try some drugs but i have no idea where do get them. like pot, ecstasy, cocaine, even like alcohol. i know you might think ima fuckin idiot to not know where to get these, but i go to an all-girls private high school, so i have no way of geting them. i live in maryland (bethesda). so, please, if anyone knows a good place to get some good stuff, please comment back! i read a ton of stuff on people my age gettin drunk and all, and i want to have some fun! also, how is a good way to get high?

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What it do? [15 Jan 2007|11:55am]

[ mood | complacent ]

1. name. Sammie
2. age. 17
3. location. Greenville, Indiana
4. top 5 bands. Tool, Pink Floyd, DJ Encore, Gwar, Velvet Acid Christ
5. any piercing? tats?. Just piercings (for now) Ears, cartilages, bullybutton, & nose.
6. what drugs have you used? pot (i don't consider pot to be a drug), Ecstasy, Snow, Ice, GHB, Opium, Codeine, Shrooms, Smack, loratabs, oc's, morph, valiums, footballs, Rock, mescaline, salvia, doses, methadone, perks, vicaprofin, wagonwheels, deladas, DXM, Adderall.....

drugs I wanna try.... Peyote, PCP, Special K

7. what is your favourite drug: Ecstasy.. definitely...
8. tell us about your best trip: omg me and my boyfriend and his bro bought a bag of Blue Triple Stack Louie Vuittons and rented a hotel room... I think we ended up eating about 4 rolls each.... snorted 2 each... and parchuted 2 1/2 each.... and played with glowsticks... and bumped our techno..... I had never felt so good... those were by far the best rolls I have ever eaten... I was tripping so hard, I kept seeing people and crazy shit that was'nt there... I could'nt finish a whole sentence because I could'nt remember what I was talking about..... I was literally losing my mind, going insane... But I LOVED IT!!!!!!!
9. tell us why we should let you into this community; uhhh... why the fuck would'nt you wanna let me in??? Pfft... you a fag or something???

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bullshit [14 Dec 2006|04:55pm]

I've heard the detox drinks from puff n stuff, (or any head shop) are bullshit.
but then of course i've heard other people say they DO. What I recomend are AZOs.
ignore the warning label, (at your own risk. just cause it didn't kill me, might not be the same for u.)
I took one, then two, then three. the brighter orange yer piss is the better. If you haven't heard of AZO
it's for kidney infections n shit. And remember to drink a SHIT-LOAD of water with the AZOs.
And it would probably help if you went jogging n stuff, THC sticks to yer fat cells. Lots of exersize and lots
and lots of water is yer best bet, and the AZOs help. Just don't lose self control and think you can burn off
ONE more joint. Cuz ya can't. Then of course you could throw down. Use yer little brothers piss, in a small
squeeze bottle, stick it under yer armpit about an hour before the test to keep it body temperature, and
then stick it in yer underwear. I've been told that girls have an advantage in this situation because of the
"SECRET POCKET" factor. So maybe just put it in "THERE" to keep it body temp. I started posting this
before I read that yer a girl, my bad. GOOD LUCK!

[04 Oct 2006|04:28am]

1. name. sabrina
2. age.19
3. location. fayetteville, nc
4. top 5 bands. incubus, deftones, a perfect circle, led zep, the eagles
5. any piercing? tats?. tongue, nose, belly... zosoAngel on my back, 2stars downBelow, feather/foot 
6. what drugs have you used? weed, xtc, acid, shrooms, speed, and just about any pill to getcha fucked up... yea
7. what is your favourite drug- reefer and x
8. tell us about your best trip- the first time i rolled if that counts as a trip...  we all went to the beach and seen chevelle met up with this dude who sold us some triple stack green dolphins, went and got a hotel... rolled our asses off.. then watched the sun come up at 7 am.. yea it was fuckin great
9. tell us why we should let you into this community- im on drugs.

New... [21 Sep 2006|07:20pm]

1. name: C - Berlinisburning
2. age: 21
3. location: United Kingdom
4. top 5 bands Depeche Mode, Human League, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Strokes, White Rose Movement. More into Techno, Electro, Minimal, international Clubbing etc etc etc.
5. any piercing? tats? Two tats, one piercing.
6. what drugs have you used? Speed, Weed, Ecstasy, MDMA, Liquid Acid, Ketamine, Tamazapan (sp?), Cocaine
7. what is your favourite drug: Ketamine! and the ever reliable Ecstasy.
8. tell us about your best trip: I thought I was skiing for two hours... I was actually lieing down in bed. And taking acid on Bora Bora Beach in Ibz, everything was becautiful and amazing.
9. tell us why we should let you into this community: Because I'm a party animal, I love to get wrecked, I've been getting on it for five years now and have never once debated giving up. I love drugs, basically...!
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Addiction [29 Aug 2006|07:42pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

Anybody here currently or ever have any real addictions? and im not talking about some 2 month coke binge. i mean a physical addiction to an opiate (oxycodone, heroin, hydrocodone, morphine, etc) or a benzo (xanax and valium being the most common ones). and once again, im not talking about daily pot smoking, or doing coke for a lil while, i mean a real addiction, where you fear stopping cuz you know you'll get horribly sick from withdrawal?

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2c-i [25 Aug 2006|12:22pm]

Has anyone here ever tried 2c-i? if so, what are your thoughts on it. The reason im asking is that its a great psychedelic in my opinion, but is not very well known. Its a phenethylamine, and is very stucturally similar to 2c-b, but is still legal in the US. (i wont go into how to acquire it here unless someone asks) but would like to know what people that have tried it think of it. and as a matter of fact, any research chemical like 4-ho-mipt, or 5-meo-dmt.
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[22 Aug 2006|03:32pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

1. name: Dmitriy
2. age: 18
3. location: NY
4. top 5 bands: Infected Mushroom, 1200 Mics, Tool, Tiesto, Shpongle
5. any piercings, tats: toungue,
6. what drugs have you used: pot, mdma, mda, lsd, psilocybin (both mushroom and what was supposedly extract), 2ci, 4-ho-mipt, ketamine, dxm, oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, 5-meo-dmt, codeine, clonazepam, diazepam, alprazolam, temazepam, lorazepam, butalbital, n20, and prolly others
7. what is your favourite drug? depends on for what. oxy for chilling out. lsd for hard introspective trips, mdma for fun.
8. tell us about your best trip? if best means, most enjoyable, i came across "fractal ohm" tabs last summer, and it was the smoothest, yet most powerful acid i have ever had. i just took one, didnt even smoke with it and had full on OEVs (walls morphing, carpet swirling, doorways dripping, etc) and absolutely insane CEVs. all this with no body load at all, just a very smooth feeling, great mood lift. overall amazing experience.
9. tell us why we should let you into this community? I have vast knowledge of pretty much every class of psychoactives, as well as first hand experience with opiate and benzo addiction, so i believe i would certainly fit in this community.

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Hey [22 Aug 2006|12:28pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Whats up everyone. im new to this whole journal thing, and just joined this community. some of you may know bluelight.nu, which is a great community/forum site focusing on drugs. im known as FractalStructure on there if anyone here frequents that site.

Im basically just saying whats up to everyone here. Im 18, from nyc, i love lsd, mdma, 2ci, opiates (specifically oxycodone), smoke pot more or less daily, and am prescribed diazepam. Im a raver, listen to mainly psy/goa, but also love rock.. tool, pink floyd are my two fav bands at the moment. favorite dj's are infected mushroom, 1200 mics, shpongle, fractal structure, tiesto, hallucinogen, raja ram. etc.


[23 Jul 2006|01:47am]

1. name: Alana
2. age: 19
3. location: Washington
4. top 5 bands: Benny Benassi, Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, Sinkingsteps Risingeyes, mewithoutyou
5. any piercings, tats: toungue, web, ear x3, tats on each elbow.
6. what drugs have you used: weed, cocaine, hashish, mushrooms, acid, xtc, dex, opium, pain pills of any sort, alcohol everyday, no heroin
7. what is your favourite drug? alcohol, mushrooms
8. tell us about your best trip? i was frying hard on acid and i felt completely infinite, i was frying in the woods as was a few other people and we ran around frying, then we rode jetskis into the sun. it was like it was our own space ship into a time that wasn't present. it was freeing.
9. tell us why we should let you into this community? because i have many experiences and it's an everyday thing for me.

[28 Jun 2006|12:25pm]

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hey, go here.. [15 Jan 2006|07:45am]

Join ammunition_____, a rating community!

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