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1. name.Cheyenne
2. age.16
3. location.Deerfield Florida
4. top 5 bands. Christian Death,Combi Christ,VNV Nation, Massiv Attack,Razed in black
5. any piercing? tats?. I have 1/2 inch gauges, industrial, 3 cartiledge, 3 regular ear piercings, monroe, belly button.
6. what drugs have you used? Pot, Special K, Cocaine, DMX, Roxys, bars, other xanax (footballs) percocet, oxycotin, mennie greenies,XTC.
7. what is your favourite drug Special K, Coke, then Bars
8. tell us about your best trip I was with my friend and we were at a show and we were on special k we were tripping our asses off and watching a local band and its just to hard to explain...It was amazing
9. tell us why we should let you into this community Because Iam rad and im a chill person and i know like every thing bout perscription pills, oh plus im a hottie!
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Question About Meth

I am from Massachusetts and meth use is virtually unknown here, so naturally I do not know alot about it. On television shows like Intervention and Dog the Bounty Hunter is shows people whom are extremley high on Ice (which I assume is meth) and are almost nodding (or passing) out, which heroin users are notorious for. Meth is an upper so why would users be to the point of passing out. I thought people on meth would be all tweaked out and be pacing and be super paranoid etc. Thanks!

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im 14. im emo. i really wanna try some drugs but i have no idea where do get them. like pot, ecstasy, cocaine, even like alcohol. i know you might think ima fuckin idiot to not know where to get these, but i go to an all-girls private high school, so i have no way of geting them. i live in maryland (bethesda). so, please, if anyone knows a good place to get some good stuff, please comment back! i read a ton of stuff on people my age gettin drunk and all, and i want to have some fun! also, how is a good way to get high?
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What it do?

1. name. Sammie
2. age. 17
3. location. Greenville, Indiana
4. top 5 bands. Tool, Pink Floyd, DJ Encore, Gwar, Velvet Acid Christ
5. any piercing? tats?. Just piercings (for now) Ears, cartilages, bullybutton, & nose.
6. what drugs have you used? pot (i don't consider pot to be a drug), Ecstasy, Snow, Ice, GHB, Opium, Codeine, Shrooms, Smack, loratabs, oc's, morph, valiums, footballs, Rock, mescaline, salvia, doses, methadone, perks, vicaprofin, wagonwheels, deladas, DXM, Adderall.....

drugs I wanna try.... Peyote, PCP, Special K

7. what is your favourite drug: Ecstasy.. definitely...
8. tell us about your best trip: omg me and my boyfriend and his bro bought a bag of Blue Triple Stack Louie Vuittons and rented a hotel room... I think we ended up eating about 4 rolls each.... snorted 2 each... and parchuted 2 1/2 each.... and played with glowsticks... and bumped our techno..... I had never felt so good... those were by far the best rolls I have ever eaten... I was tripping so hard, I kept seeing people and crazy shit that was'nt there... I could'nt finish a whole sentence because I could'nt remember what I was talking about..... I was literally losing my mind, going insane... But I LOVED IT!!!!!!!
9. tell us why we should let you into this community; uhhh... why the fuck would'nt you wanna let me in??? Pfft... you a fag or something???
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