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1.) When joining it would be nice if you would introduce yourself to the commmunity, but it's not a requirement. If your not sure what to say about yourself in an introduction post, Try posting this: age, sex, location, name, interests, why you joined this community, etc.

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I'm new here, but have been on the SYL forum for a while and I started a Ziltoid myspace group.
I LIVE for everything SYL/Devin/Jed/Gene/Byron related. Here's the link to my Ziltoid group and a link to my  myspace.
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Feel free to add me. If you do add me, Message me on messenger and let me know where I know you from. Thanks!
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This is formerly dollspit. This is my new journal and this is the journal I plan on keeping and using all the time from now on. I will NOT let this journal die. The journal is friends only, but a few entries are public. If you want to add me, Go to my journal and comment on the friends only entry. Anyhow, I am still maintainer of this community, but with this new journal.

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noisy fucking neighbours.. 1130 on a monday night they're drunk listening to cher and using an electric drill. fucking CHER what the hell.

SOLUTION: city on full volume, myself drunkenly screaming along on vokills.

anywho where was i.. oh yeah.

my older brother (HUGE devin fan - got me into strapping and dev) and his wife are considering having a kid. if it's a lad, they're naming him devin. so no doubt he'll be an extremely good looking young man, and when born will doubtlessly have more hair than his follecularly challenged namesake.

my updates are aboot as interesting as the plot to an 80s porn film.
Shannon rocker

^__^ woot!

I live out in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I was at the GWAR show last night at the Commodore Ballroom... and of course, who shows up on stage to sing 2 songs with GWAR as a surprise? Devin Townsend! Holy fucking shit... that was fucking awesome!

(now excuse me as I try to get the blood/jizz/brain stains off my skin before work)
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