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  • Music:
5 Jessica Alba (made from bases by astral_angel)
8 random girls - Carrie Underwood, Beverley Mitchell, Kate Hudson, Kelly Clarkson
6 stock - Autumn/Weddings (made from bases by sunnyskies__)

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-No redistributing or editing.
-No hotlinking!

Jessica Alba
01.Image hosting by Photobucket02.Image hosting by Photobucket03.Image hosting by Photobucket04.Image hosting by Photobucket05.Image hosting by Photobucket

Random Chicks
06.Image hosting by Photobucket07.Image hosting by Photobucket08.Image hosting by Photobucket09.Image hosting by Photobucket10.Image hosting by Photobucket

11.Image hosting by Photobucket12.Image hosting by Photobucket13.Image hosting by Photobucket

Stock (not all 100x100)
14.Image hosting by Photobucket15.Image hosting by Photobucket16.Image hosting by Photobucket17.Image hosting by Photobucket18.Image hosting by Photobucket

19.Image hosting by Photobucket

Credits: Jessica Alba bases from here by astral_angel
Autumn/Wedding bases by sunnyskies__
Other credits in my resources post
Tags: actresses, actresses::jessica alba, misc::stock, music, music::kelly clarkson
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