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Wishlist gifts for noblealice:

Boston Legal
+1 James Spader/William Shatner graphic
~+1 wallpaper and 1 header

+1 Alan Shore wallpaper

+1 James Spader header

- No editing/manipulating/making into icons.
- Wallpapers free for personal use only.
- Totally forgot to ask if anyone has screen resolutions above 1024, lol, so uh, if anybody wants this in another size please just ask!
- noblealice, I hope you like these ;D

#1: James Spader, circa a while back//William Shatner, circa the 70's
Original graphic:
Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

#2: Alan Shore
That would be my own attempt at a business card XD

Free Image Hosting at Image Hosting at

#3: James Spader
The title for the scan used in this one was "Along Came A Spader". WTF.

Free Image Hosting at

Credits: Pics from hires_hunks and the official Boston Legal site, where I also got the written notes from Alan Shore that I converted into a brush for these.
Other credits in my resources post.
Tags: actors, other graphics::banners, other graphics::blends, other graphics::wallpapers, tv::boston legal

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