Hey guys. I'm new. Last night I dreamt that I was driving wif my boyfriend and then my mom was dead. I can't remember much in between. I just remember that I was scared b/c there was no where for me to go and nothing for me to do w/o my mom.
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I had a bizarre dream last night. I had a dream that the detroit tigers were in my town using the old high school field as practice..?? and there was some festival going on that was giving hot air balloon rides.
I wanted to go but because I don't do well with heights, I kept thinking I better not 'cause I might jump out of it once we're up in the air..??
THEN I met a neighbor that told me she had a pet crocodileand asked me if I wanted to come see it. So I was like SURE! So I went with her and the crocodile turned out to be a tiger...

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well I had a jacked up dream. I had a dream about Sid Vicious. He was still alive and was old. And was still a part of the sex pistols. And I was dating him.

I find that odd because I have in no way been thinking of the sex pistols OR Sid Vicious.

And Sid did NOT look like himself in my dream. Well for one thing he was old, and it just didn't in any way look like him. But it wasn't anyone else I knew either.

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Do you ever have a dream that you simply can't get out of your head? Not because it was odd, and odd it was... But because it stirs up feelings that you thought you shouldn't have. Things that you don't understand. Ideas that you can't begin to articulate because they are so far outside of the norm. Things that have no parallel to real life and yet one can't let go...
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From before LJ crashed...

I had a dream I was at this weird party/benifit/gym/chuckie cheese type place and the twins from Good Charlotte were there and they were signing autographs and you had to have a special number or something and I didn't have it. But anyway they were like at this check out lane type thing, and although people were getting in line with things for them to sign, they were checking people out and ringing up their stuff too!

It was dumb.

And my old best friend was in it too and we were skipping or something and I had a small bottle of that blue moonmist soda and I was trying to STOP skipping so I could take a sip, and, .. never did. I sat it down in like this barn or something and went skipping along.




Ok, I dreamt that I was driving around with Kit in this neighborhood I live in, and I found a little kid that was like 2 years old walking around all by himself. And then I realized the kid was crying. And I was like "dude, why would a little baby be walking around alone and... wait! It's crying! It must be lost!" So I wanted to jump out for the kid and Kit was like "No! Just leave it!" BUT I jumped out anyway. And the baby ran from me. But it was just running all over, not like, back home or whatever.
But then I finally caught it and it of course bit me. Not hard though. So I pick the baby up and he's screaming his head off and I'm all trying to comfort it, and I notice he's holding one of those weeds, the kind you make a wish and blow a part.
But then I'm carrying the kid all over the neighborhood asking if the baby belongs to anyone and some neighbor [that was actually a childhood friend of mine] told me they found the baby too and that someone had come to get him. So then I WAS like "dude, whoever this kid belongs to is extremely neglectful" and I took the baby back home. And in the meantime I noticed my dog playing with this huge gigantic dog out in my yard. And my dog's name was the same, because I got mad and started yelling at it to go inside, but it didn't LOOK like my dog. This dog had real long hair. Mine does not. But, my dog DID go inside, and I followed.
THEN I'm explaining to my mom about the baby and I hold it up and it's just the weed. With all the white stuff blown off. And I start laughing and I go "oops! I blew off all it's hair!!!"

Then a 2ND dream I had last night had me really skinny posing nude for playboy. I was supposed to be a celebrity or something and the photo shoot had me making out with some chick in a pool [it was only kissing but we WERE naked] and I was being interviewed about it and I said something about "Yeah well that's what guys like, so that's what we had to give them" ...