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Hello, I am new here! I would like to share my dreams with folks who are willing to offer feedback. My dreams are always emotionally charged and often affect me in my waking life, so I would love to seek out a community of people who are interested in discussing our dreams. Here's one that I will never forget.

A few months ago, during a period of rainy weather I had this dream:

My boyfriend (who I live with) was smoking a cigarette in the door way because it was raining outside. As romantic as the evening was, I could smell the smoke and quickly became annoyed by it, but continued on with whatever I was doing. Then I abruptly realized that my current bf does not smoke cigarettes. My ex bf did and I hated it. Suddenly I realized that I was dreaming. I rushed back over to my bf and told him, "Guess what?! This is a dream, because you don't actually smoke cigarettes in real life!" To which he replied with a shrug, "So?" And continued smoking. Disappointed in his reply to my "breakthrough," I woke up.

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