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My weirdest dream in awhile (even if I don't remember much of it)

I had a dream that for some reason, pathvain_aelien and I had had a conversation entirely hand-written on notecards taped to the wall of our hallway and I was re-reading it all...backwards. There were only three "messages" I at least partially remember, shown here in order of appearance on the notecards (not the order I read them):

- PATHVAIN_AELIEN: "If everyone were oranges, we shouldn't talk about apples."

It was somehow understood that this meant that the conversation was getting too long, even though there were at least 13 "messages" after it (wait, 13 after it? Then if you count this one, there are 14!! :O). It was also somehow understood that this was a reference to an Internet meme that went something like, "If everyone were bananas, we'd all be cannibals." WTCN?

- PATHVAIN_AELIEN: "If everyone were bananas, (something I don't remember, but it may have involved strawberries or raspberries)"

This was soon after the oranges/apples one (which I think I had replied to, but I'm not sure).

- ME: "Axe?" (may have been in all caps, but I'm not sure)
Apparently, at this point I was trying to suggest solutions to a problem that P_A had pointed out (I think it was about bike riders on a certain trail, but I'm not sure, and in real life I really don't think an axe would be a good solution to any problem about bike riders).

Very, very weird...
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