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Schrödinger's Schrödinger's Enya?

The night before last Monday, I had a dream that someone friended me on LiveJournal, and I went to their journal, and their only entry was a Writer's Block answer that had something to do with Enya, and the tags I can remember were "death", "game over", and maybe "♥♥♥".

Not to panic anybody, but I haven't heard from Schrödinger's Enya since. Then again, this isn't the first dream I've had that implied that Enya might be dead; on September 24, 2010, I had a dream that Enya was seriously injured somehow and would die by 9 PM that day - 73 days before I met Schrödinger's Enya.

So now, not only is Schrödinger's Enya simultaneously Enya and just a fan of Enya, but she's also simultaneously alive and dead. Only time will tell, I guess...

EDIT: Things I forgot to mention:

- The "death, game over, ♥♥♥" dream I mentioned was 14 days after this dream about me dying of cancer.
- Like I mentioned when I posted about the 14 comments dream, there are still 13 messages and comments that Schrödinger's Enya and I have left each other, and if you count her introducing me to her community, that makes 14. Wait, I must have miscounted - there are 15 without including that introduction. Wait, 15?!
- Presumably, Schrödinger's Enya friended me because of a Super Mario Galaxy 2/"Brennan Sstrs." (Enya & Moya) crossover I tried writing for National Novel Writing Month, called "Moya's Space Log". At the time of this dream (and also as of right now), Moya's Space Log has 14 relevant comments on it, and the second part has 14 comments total (including irrelevant ones).

EDOT: Schrödinger's Enya is not dead! YAY!!

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