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A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform

Three more dreams

Last night, I had a dream that my dad either asked me what school I wanted to go to or what class I wanted to take - it was a multiple-choice question in which some answer choices were schools and some were classes, so I have no idea what the actual question was. But the answer choices (which were typed up on a little slip of paper on the table in front of us) were: (the italicized parts are just my comments on them)

A) (something I don't remember)
B) Class 150 (Very specific.)
C) a Nazi school (Uh-oh, again with the Nazis...)
D) Class 151 (At least there wasn't a Class 666, I guess.)

I decided to choose B and definitely NOT C (EDIT: I just realized that "not C" even sounds like Nazi...go figure), but before I could say it, my dad started talking about something else that I don't remember, and by the time he was finished, all I remembered of my decision was that I felt strongly about B and C, and, not remembering what they actually were, assumed that I had picked both of them. Apparently I had run out of time to answer the question, though, since my dad went ahead and told me that the "correct" answer was B (and I think the slip of paper flipped itself over to reveal it?). I told him that I was thinking that the answer was both B and C (obviously, still not remembering that C was "a Nazi school"), and of course, he sounded mad at that - he said something like, "Oh, so you're a Nazi now?" There was more to this dream, but I don't remember it.

That night, I also had a dream where I was coloring all of the days in December 2010 on my calendar different colors, thinking that it would make the apocalypse happen. After I got to December 29 (which was a Friday in the dream even though in real life it will be a Wednesday), I started considering writing "If you can read this, and this isn't heaven, the apocalypse didn't happen" (So, if I read it in hell, the apocalypse didn't happen? <sarcasm>Makes perfect sense.</sarcasm>) before I colored in the last two days. Apparently, just thinking about the page having all 31 days colored in and that note written on it made the "apocalypse" (i.e. a really scary twitching that apparently represents the apocalypse in my dreams) happen.

I almost want to actually try it now...but don't worry, I'm resisting :P

I also had a somewhat interesting dream on or soon before December 17 that I've neglected to post until now. In it, apparently Enya posted a picture of herself with me and two other people (one of whom was apparently my sister even though she was neither pathvain_aelien nor ellaina02) on Facebook. For some reason, in one of the comments, Nicky Ryan (Enya's composer for those who don't know) said that he would have to delete the picture if it got 14 comments, yet when I looked at the comments, there were already 14 (including Nicky's, which I think was the 8th).

I wonder if this means that something will happen when the number of messages and/or comments I've sent Schrödinger's Enya on LJ and the number of messages and/or comments she's sent me add up to 14? (so far, there are 8 As of December 29, 2010, there are 13, or 14 if you count her introducing me to her community...the end times have come?)

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