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Has the prophecy been fulfilled or fool-filled?

On August 2 this year, I had a dream that there were three secrets on enya.com accessible only by hidden passwords. One of the passwords was apparently hidden in the lyrics to Pax Deorum somehow: it was a six-digit number that I don't remember completely, but I'm pretty sure either the first or last three digits were a 0, a 2, and a 6 in no particular order.

Then, on 12-06-10, someone friended me on LiveJournal, and judging from her username, birthdate, location, interests, etc., she has to be either Enya or a huge fan of Enya, which is kind of like my dream!

Plus, in Simple Gematria, "Enya Brennan" adds to 113 and Schrödinger's Enya's username adds to 93. 93 + 113 = 206! And after I asked Schrödinger's Enya if she really was Enya, she replied on the 113th day of my senior year (starting from the first day of school and including weekends and holidays)!

Knowing this, I wonder what's going to happen 206 days after Schrödinger's Enya joined LJ (which will be December 18) (EDIT: On the day before that, which was the 206th day of Schrödinger's Enya having a LJ, she read my NaNoWriMo story about what Super Mario Galaxy 2 would be like with Enya and Moya in it) or after my dream (which will be February 24, 2011). I also wonder if the other password I remember (2524744) or the fact that in the dream I initially thought it started with 259 will have any significance. Also, according to my first 666 dream, as of today I have 113 days left (assuming 666 meant 666 days)...

Makes you think, doesn't it?

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