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Even more possible apocalypse dates?

I didn't post this dream earlier, but I will now because my dream last night relates to it - sometime in July I had a dream that at one point involved a road sign with the number 651 on it, which changed to 666 later.

My dream last night didn't seem to be about the apocalypse at first, just random stuff. However, at one point my mom said that it was getting late, and although at first the dream seemed to mean that literally (because the sky was dark in that scene), it made me think of the timer in Super Mario World with 15 seconds left, which, of course, I treated as a sign and counted down from 15 in my mind during the next part of the dream. When I got to 8 or so, the dream shifted to me being in bed feeling a weird vibration. When I got to 0, the vibration became more intense for a few seconds, then I woke up.

That obviously wasn't the actual apocalypse or rapture or anything, but since 651 from the first dream plus 15 from this dream (and, now that I think about it, 15 is also in this dream) equals 666, it has to mean something. Plus, if I take "getting late" as a metaphor for the apocalypse being near, 15 seconds could mean 15 of another unit of time - not minutes or hours, because nothing happened just before 4:09 AM and 6:54 PM, but:

- 15 days would be August 27 (EDOT: "Fifteen days" in Jewish Gematria equals 666!)
- 15 weeks would be November 25
- 15 months would be November 12, 2011
- 15 years would be August 12, 2025

Just something to think about.

EDIT: AUTHOR CANCELLED! There were things I wanted to mention that I forgot! Anyway, I have had two dreams similar to the 15 seconds left one. One wasn't really a dream, but it counts because I was in a sleeping state and was contemplating how apocalyptic one of the songs from Super Mario Galaxy 2 sounds and then felt a similar vibration - but then, of course, nothing. Another was the same day as the I[blur] dream in my previous post; in it, Jesus flew into my room through the wall but then left...several times. (Sometimes it was the window instead of the wall.)

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