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Constantly changing details and even more possible apocalypse dates

I know that details in dreams have a tendency to change over the course of a dream, but does it mean anything if they change almost constantly and/or if it's names that change? For instance, you might remember this dream I previously posted, in which a government organization's name kept changing and never made any sense, and the only name I remember in waking life was The Back of Us.

Additionally, last Saturday, I had a dream about a weird video game in which almost every single detail, especially names, was in a TBOU-esque state of limbo. I don't think the game itself had more than one title, though I only remember that one of its title(s) was only one word long and started with an I (therefore, for the purpose of this entry it's called I[blur]).

The main characters of I[blur], however, changed almost constantly. While their names, of course, kept changing, both of their names always started with the same thing (though this shared part of their names also changed). However, the two names (one per character) that I remember don't have a shared part; one was /tensen/ (Yes, even though I've never played Little Big Adventure and have only seen a Youtube video and the Wikipedia article on it, somehow I dreamed up a character with a name based on Twinsen's. /tensen/ doesn't look like Twinsen, though.) and one was /crazymegavideo/ (don't ask me why she has a video hosting site in her name). And yes, both their names had slashes around them for the first half of the dream and were never capitalized.

Now we get into /tensen/ and /crazymegavideo/'s appearance and the genre of I[blur]. At the start of the dream, I[blur] seemed to be a platformer game featuring only /tensen/, who was human at this point. Later, it seemed to be an RPG (which actually makes sense because apparently Little Big Adventure combines arcade elements with RPG elements) featuring both /tensen/ and /crazymegavideo/ as nearly identical white squids. Towards the end, I[blur] wasn't even a video game at all; it was replaced with me being in a partially-flooded room with some sort of /crazymegavideo/ pool toy (human form, which looked like a female version of /tensen/'s human form) that could be fattened up with water. (I might have the squid part and the pool toy part in the wrong order, by the way.) It's also worth noting that I[blur] never appeared to have a plot of any kind and that I barely got to play any of the three "versions" of it.

Another thing - last night I had a dream that I was banned from LiveJournal for 90 days, but over the course of the dream 90 changed to 100 and then 113, and my being banned from LiveJournal for that long changed to my having that long to become more mature or something (I never knew what I had done in the dream to be banned). A later dream acted as a sequel of sorts where it turned out that some LJ user had accidentally banned me from commenting in their journal, apologized for the mix-up, and unbanned me. But even then, having 90, 100, or 113 days in a dream sounds kinda like a hidden apocalypse prediction to me. If this is the case, it would be on November 4, 14, or 27.

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