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Hey, they said there would only be FOUR horsemen of the apocalypse! I want my money back!

The good news: I'm back to having hilariously random dreams often. The bad news: This one is also kinda scary, at least at first.

FYI: In real life, I stayed up until about 12:50 AM playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii before I went to bed last night.

If I remember correctly, last night's dream started off with me playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii until just before noon - whether I started before midnight like I did in real life or got up in the morning and started playing I'm not sure, but once I was done, I looked at my clock and it said noon, so I was worried I'd stayed up too late. I looked out the window, though, and it was dark outside. But then I noticed I had two weird things about the shape of steaks stuck to my face; they were most likely either a translucent black or dark blue color or were magic, because when I peeled them off (which was painful, especially the second one), it was bright outside.

Then some girl named Haley (I'm not sure if she told me that was her name in the dream or if I just knew it somehow; and for the record, there is a girl named Haley in my class and there was also another Haley in my class back in elementary school, but this Haley didn't look or act like either one) came in through the window (I think she flew in?) and started talking to me about how apparently she's a prophet of some sort and that I've somehow rejected Jesus (or something along the lines of that). Everything she said and everything I said back to her appeared on her black shirt like an instant messenger conversation, and each line had something like "Haley 9:10" after it as if it had been foretold in a new book of the Bible called Haley. After a while, we stopped actually talking and just let the shirt do all the work, though after another while, either her shirt stopped acting like an instant messenger or she changed into a different shirt and we went back to talking normally.

I think that happened before she gave me a choice of five (Five #1) activities to do (apparently, in addition to being a prophet, she's also a camp leader or something). I don't remember any except the fourth, in which Haley was going to participate in a horse race against Jesus and three other people (Haley + Jesus + three others = Five #2) and wanted me to bet on her because apparently she was the best and that Jesus was "the first at being second" or something. I thought this one sounded sacreligious (or however you spell it), but I decided to watch the race (but not bet on anyone) if the fifth option didn't sound any better, which it apparently didn't (I think the dream actually skipped it and went straight to the race). The race wasn't a typical horse race (i.e. around an oval-shaped track); instead, it was a mix of a horse race and one of those back-and-forth run things you do at camp (I dunno if there's an official name for it). Each rider had to take a ring from their starting point, ride down a rather short way, put the ring around a stick on the ground, go back to their starting point, and repeat for the remaining four rings (five rings in all, so that's Five #3), though, after a while, the rings all turned into various fruits and the sticks disappeared. Jesus won, and I think I actually viewed the race from His perspective at one point.

Then, later on, Haley showed me around some house (apparently, it was mine, though I think each room was based on a different house from my waking life) and asked me if anything was "wrong" with each room. I don't remember anything I suggested (or if I even suggested anything) or what she said was "wrong" with any room. The time was out of whack while we were doing that; if I remember correctly, it was 1 PM in the first room, 2 PM in the second room, and I initially thought it was 3 PM in the third room until I looked out the window and the sky looked as though it was about 6 PM (6 PM in that room - 1 PM when we started = Five #4). There were probably more rooms, but I'm not sure. At one point, we also went outside at what was apparently 6:something PM even though the sky was bright.

Somewhere in the dream (I don't remember when), I was looking through a Bible with a LOT of maps in it, and flipped back and forth between two identical maps on two different pages. After a while, the maps were replaced by two different drawings of rock formations shaped like boys that looked somewhere between the ages of 5 and 10 (that's an estimate I made in waking life, so it's not Five #5). One was wearing sunglasses, and the other didn't seem to have any facial features at all.

I don't know what to think of this. Although I haven't been to church in a while, I think this is the first time I've had a dream that seems to be warning me about it, which is a bad sign if this dream's "alternate" prediction of the apocalypse (60 days from now) is right.

And Haley sure is a bizarre character; not only can her shirt read minds, but she suddenly went from being mad at me for "rejecting" Jesus to claiming that she's better than Jesus.

And what's with all the fives?!

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