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LOL! I wish I could remember more of this dream!

I accidentally fell asleep after school today and had a dream that a customer at McDonald's (which I DON'T work at, by the way) had left their food at the restaurant and no one cleaned it up, so it got moldy and/or rotten (I don't remember what word was used in the dream), and this government organization whose name was different every time it was mentioned and never made any sense (I'll call it "The Back of Us" since that's the only name I remember exactly and it gives me an excuse to use one of my least-used userpics) viewed the moldy/rotten food as a bomb threat for some reason, so they got McDonald's to up its security a LOT. In fact, there were prison cells (at least I think they were prison cells) inside the building. I remember thinking that The Back of Us were completely out of their minds, yet supporting them for whatever reason. I also remember, within the dream, knowing that it was a dream and that I've had the same dream several times before (even though this is actually the first time), and noticing that The Back of Us' name kept changing.

Any thoughts? [sarcasm]What terrorists eat at McDonald's? Is mold explosive?[/sarcasm]

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