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So I had this dream where one of my LJ friends (I don't know for sure which one) and I took a quiz that predicts the day you will die and we both got the same result: something along the lines of "You will die in 666 because you have no life left", and it had a picture of some really creepy-looking guy on it. And at one point, the picture had the words "FROZEN PETS" on it even though I don't know if that had anything to do with anything - apparently, even my most sinister dreams have at least one non-sequitur phrase.

When I woke up, I thought it was another of those dreams that scared me more in the dream than it would in real life. Then I realized something; it was a dream with 666 in it. I dunno what that means, but if it doesn't mean anything, I'll eat my Wii remote.

Plus, it said "You will die in 666"... Now I have to figure out what unit of time it meant.
I've already survived my 666th second after waking up from that dream.
If it was 666 minutes, that would be 1:52 PM according to my computer's clock (I'm in Central time). Not that much time left... Came. Nothing yet.
If it was 666 hours, that would be just before 8:46 PM on July 5 according to my computer's clock. No death here, but I did manage to give someone a big scare about it by accident.
666 days would be April 5, 2011, which is over a year after my apocalypse dream's predictions (which is now only 85-114 or 290 days away) - first things first, I say.

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