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Quest for the...Ther...whatever they're called

First, a short film that may or may not have been part of a separate dream:

Super Smash Party Kart

Cast (in order of appearance): Me, four characters playable in Mario Party, Toad, Diddy Kong, four characters playable in Mario Party 3, Bowser, whoever all appeared when the game turned into Mario Kart, whoever all appeared when game turned into the non-bookcase-top version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, R.O.B., Olimar

Context to real life: I did play Mario Kart Wii before going to bed last night.

Dream: I had started playing Mario Party (the original), and I forgot what character I was or what characters the computer players had, as I never got a chance to play it. All I saw was where Toad shows where the Star is, which for some reason, Diddy Kong would be selling instead of him. Then it changed to the same thing in Mario Party 3, except Toad said nothing about the Star (though Diddy Kong was seen waiting with it) and instead said, "Now where should Bowser be?" Then he rolled two Dice Blocks and apparently determined Bowser's location with that. I remember seeing that three times, but I only remember one dice roll: double eights. (In case you have never played any Mario Party game, the dice normally go from 1 to 10, so that's not unusual.) I also only remember actually playing at one point, where Bowser stole 10 of my coins and an item I had. I'm wanting to think I was playing as Mario, but I'm not sure. Then it changed to what looked sort of like the battle mode in a Mario Kart game, except it was shown from overhead and no karts were used (though Golden Mushrooms still make the player run faster despite not being shoved into a kart's engine). I think I was playing as Luigi, but don't know who else was there. After a while, instead of a messed up Mario Kart battle, it was a messed-up Super Smash Bros. battle. I was apparently reaching through the TV screen, picking up trophies of the characters and hitting the other trophies with them. Despite controlling all of them, I was still apparently playing as Luigi, as he defeated most of the rest. The only competitors I know for sure were there were Ice Climbers, Pikachu, R.O.B., and Olimar. After a while, I wound up standing in front of my bookcase, which had the R.O.B. trophy, the Olimar trophy, and six water bottles (one of which was empty; of the five full ones, three were connected to the R.O.B. trophy) on it. I was about to have Olimar attack R.O.B., but then figured that the water bottles that weren't connected to R.O.B. would get in the way, so I threw away the empty one, drank the other two, and threw them away. Then, I picked up Olimar and tried to hit R.O.B., but missed for some reason despite not throwing him. At some point, two strategy guides appeared out of nowhere: one for Pikmin, one for some Pokémon game. Somehow, during this R.O.B./Olimar scene, I actually knew it was a dream and was thinking about how I would word it in this community.

And now our feature presentation.

Cast (in order of appearance): Me, my uncle, my mom, my dad, random people at camp, Mario/Enya, random people on sidewalks, random people at second restaurant

Context to real life:
- It really was very cold yesterday.
- Leaving the Therdoon where I had earned it reminds me of the educational game Cluefinders 4th Grade Adventures, since after I earned the Cairoglyphs, I left them on the floor, not thinking to drag them to that one girl's backpack.
- In school, I am having to read Cold Sassy Tree, possibly explaining why the camp looked like an old-timey saloon.
- The map screen from Enya Challenge, which was my computer's desktop background in the dream, really is its desktop background right now.
- In real life, I have a learner's permit, but not a full driver's license.

I only remember scattered fragments of this dream. The parts I know the order of will be shown in order, while other random parts I remember will be listed below. Anyone listed after my dad in the cast only appears in the parts that I don't remember the order of.

Parts of dream that I remember order of: I had been sent to a messed-up camp, apparently because it was too cold where I live. My uncle (who had a weird nickname that started with A in the dream) was there with me, and for some reason, I had to leave the campgrounds to find four things that looked like sponges cut into random shapes. My uncle told me what they were called, but I don't remember what, and I even kept forgetting in the dream. I said "Therdoons" earlier, but that's because I know ____do__ for sure and am fairly certain it was T___doon. I'm not even 50% sure the remaining letters were "her", but since I recently listened to Falling into You by Celine Dion backwards and found that it mentions a Thereling, it makes sense for me to have thought Therdoon. Anyways, my uncle also told me the individual names of each individual Therdoon I got, but I kept forgetting these in the dream as well. He drove me to the places that the Therdoons were (apparently in a foreign car; he was on the right side of me), and I apparently earned the first one, which was shaped like some Elvish symbol, by helping with a drink machine in some restaurant. I don't remember where I got the second Therdoon, but it was bigger than the first and looked like the other three would fit onto it. I noticed one part of it that looked like a Therdoon shaped like an N would fit onto it, and even though the first one was shaped like an Elvish symbol, thought that it wouldn't fit there because it was shaped like an H. To make matters worse, the first Therdoon was gone. I told him that the other "Ther...whatever they're called" was gone. He apparently disliked my constant forgetting of the name and angrily said, "...doon." Even though returning to the restaurant was the next thing I remember, I somehow knew it was for something other than the Therdoon, but figured I had left the Therdoon there and could get it in the meantime. Then the dream suddenly jumped ahead to a scene at home after camp. It apparently wasn't cold outside anymore, as there were water balloons saved up indoors. My mom and dad were there. I reached for the second Therdoon in my pocket, but it had turned into a toothpick apparently. For some reason, I thought the third Therdoon was a toothpick and that it had turned into it. I had conversations with my parents not weird enough to post here.

Random parts I forgot the sequence of:
- I was actually at the camp, which looked like an old-timey saloon or something. I somehow knew I was on the third floor. (I should have looked for Bubs' Concession Stand...) There was a radio playing a western version of part of the Super Mario World ending theme. (That means it could also be a western version of The River Sings by Enya played backwards.) The rooms were fairly close to being square, and had neither doors nor walls that the doors would be on. I went into my room and my computer was there, and I played several messed-up versions of Super Mario World on it (though remember nothing about them).
- After camp, my uncle drove away for some reason, and my mom followed him. I was left in my mom's car and, for some reason, thought I had to catch up with them, so I apparently drove the car from the passenger's seat (the steering wheel was on the left, I was on the right) down the street for a while, almost crashing into a bus from not braking fast enough. After a while, my mom ended up in what should have been the driver's seat, which now actually was the driver's seat. She didn't pay any attention to me having driven the car and just concentrated on catching my uncle.
- I was in another restaurant for some reason, and in it was a machine that kept challenging itself to recite all of the digits of pi. And apparently, numbers like 50, 60, and 90 were digits.
- I was trying to microwave a bowl of macaroni & cheese, but it kept not working. I tried to put in 30:00 for the time to microwave it, but it changed to 2:11 when I put the second zero in. Eventually, I realized it was because the mac & cheese wasn't in the microwave.

( File 2: Create New )

( File 3: Create New )

What the noose mug Yoshi?!

On a side note, right after I got up, I read chapter 17 of Cold Sassy Tree, and the first part of it seems like Will Tweedy attempting to compete with my subconscious.

Let's do the math:

Matt1993's dream(s) last night: 4 points for game changing 4 times. 5 points for each of the 5 games not being exactly the same as the originals. 2 points for 2 mysteriously appearing strategy guides. 1 point for water bottles being attached to R.O.B. 1 point for missing when attempting to hit R.O.B. with Olimar without throwing him. 1 point for having to go to camp just because it's cold. 1 point for the word "Therdoon". 1 point for Therdoons being sponges cut into different shapes that have to be collected. 1 point for leaving camp to find them. 1 point for forgetting shape of first Therdoon. 1 point for second Therdoon turning into a toothpick. 1 point for water balloons stored indoors. 1 point for camp looking like a saloon. 1 point for western version of SMW ending theme. 1 point for bringing laptop to apparently western-themed camp. 1 point for driving car from passenger's seat. 1 point for machine challenging itself to recite pi. 1 point for said machine reciting digits that aren't actual digits. 1 point for microwave changing :30 to 2:11 after pressing zero, and another for that happening just because of microwave being empty. Total weirdness: 28

Will Tweedy's dreams in chapter I read: 1 point for Lightfoot shattering. 1 point for Aunt Loma swelling until she was same width as train. Total weirdness: 2

I win. But I have to say, the dream where Aunt Loma swells is pretty good for a dream that took place before Mario, Pokémon, Homestar Runner, or Neopets was invented. :)

Countdown until end of world: 157-186 or 362 days

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