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I thought of two more dreams from a while ago, here they are:

(WARNING: May slightly decrease the intelligence of anyone who reads them)

Enya Challenge

Context to real life: I dunno.

Dream: I was playing Super Mario World and was at some level called "Enya Challenge"; the map showed that it was where Vanilla Secret 1 should be. The level itself had nothing to do with Enya; it was a relatively empty upward climb, and on about the fifth floor, there was some strange block. Mario would die if he touched it, but if he threw a Koopa shell at it, it would move to the ceiling. Despite figuring this out, I somehow kept failing the level. And one of the times that I selected it, "ENYA START!" appeared instead of "MARIO START!", but I was still playing as Mario. (Mario should have turned into Enya just to make things interesting.) After a few unsuccessful tries, I ended up having to get through the level in my kitchen (yup, outside the game). Well, not exactly; it was an altered version in that rather than upwards, the goal (which I never saw, even though the kitchen isn't that long) was towards the other end of the kitchen, and instead of Koopa shells, I used towels. Despite all that randomness, I didn't turn into Mario. Or Enya for that matter. Anyways, my main problem getting through the kitchen edition of the level was managing to hit the block with the towels even though I was standing relatively close to it. After a few attempts, it changed from my kitchen to my back porch. Then after a few more, I suddenly ended up playing some whack-a-mole game in my backyard (but, instead of a mallet, I threw bean bags). After a while, some girls dressed up as the faeries of walked by (but the one dressed as Jhudora had brown hair instead of purple and green for some reason). I starting throwing the bean bags at them for absolutely no reason.

Okay, now for the relatively sane one:

I Am A Mewtwo

Context to real life: None.

Dream: I was watching TV and a preview came up for some movie called I Am A Mewtwo (surprise, surprise). There wasn't much of a preview; from what I could tell, the Mewtwo apparently had to save Enya (she shows up in a lot of my dreams, get used to it) from a castle of some sort. Next thing I remember, I was at Youtube looking at another preview for it. One scene showed Enya jumping up and kicking Luigi and Waluigi in the faces (yes, she kicked them both in one jump), and one showed Sonic looking out from behind a cardboard cutout of...something (I forgot what) to scare Wario and Waluigi. How Luigi, Waluigi, Sonic, and Wario snuck into what's apparently a Pokémon/Enya crossover escapes me. Both scenes looked like they took place in the same room, but I was too confused to know where "the same room" was.

I would love to see I Am A Mewtwo as an actual movie, or at least a Flash cartoon. Anyone who's willing to make one and is also willing to supply a picture of himself/herself gets a cameo on my backwards music site, Ours Will You 1-Up. (Rule I forgot to include yesterday: You won't get your cameo if your version of I Am A Mewtwo has any cussing. This includes anything included in OWY1U comment rule 1.) How will you get a cameo on a backwards music site? You'll see... Cancelled because it was a stupid idea.
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