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Subconcious of the newbie

Hi, this is my first post in this community. So don't hurt me :P I cared for husking in (the backwards music fanatic's term for "joined") because some of my dreams are REALLY weird and random. Weirder and more random than any dreams in this community I've read so far. I think maybe being a teenager that likes crossovers helps.

Here are four weird dreams I remember that I can think of off the top of my head.

Also, how do I "cut this post for length?" Several of you did it but I never figured it out. Thanks rovanda!

Paint The Sky With Homestars

Context to real life: Nothing really.

Dream: My ALARM CLOCK told me that if I listened to every song on the album Paint The Sky With Stars by Enya within a certain amount of time (I think it was 17 minutes and 55 seconds, but whatever it was, it was shorter than the total length of songs), two bonus tracks would become accessible. I tried this out by putting the CD in my alarm clock radio (not the same one that came to life) and fast-forwarding. Sure enough, two...separate CDs?!...appeared out of thin air. I put one into my computer and a Homestar Runner cartoon came up (for those of you who don't know what Homestar Runner is, go to homestarrunner.com). There was no dialogue and it seemed to be fast-forwarding, but the really weird thing was, Enya was in it and was on stage with Homestar on the stage from A Decemberween Pageant. I never got to see what was on the other CD. I want it so badly.

Super Mario Worldlaxystar Runner 4 (or SMWL*R4)

Context to real life: Strangely, I HADN'T played Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Advance 4, or Super Mario World or watched Homestar Runner the day before.

Dream: I was playing some game on some game system. The system, despite having only one screen, was implied to be a Nintendo DS somehow, and the game, despite looking like Super Mario 64 DS, was implied to be Super Mario Galaxy (yes I know that's for the Wii). I was playing as Luigi and somehow knew I was getting close to the final battle with Bowser despite being in something that looked more like the mansion level from Super Mario 64. Just before I made it, the game somehow turned into Super Mario Advance 4, and Luigi was in some underground level. He died, and then since I hadn't saved (don't ask me how I know these things in dreams!), I was sent back to Donut Plains 1 in Super Mario World apparently. Only it wasn't called Donut Plains 1; it was called something with a zero in it. And Luigi turned into Mario. (If you can't beat 'em, turn into your brother and then beat 'em!) What's even weirder is, the Nintendo DS (SS?) turned into a controller connected to a Super Nintendo connected to the TV in my living room, which I had somehow teleported to. Going back to the game, I almost made it through the level but then got killed by a Spiny, which isn't even in that level in the actual game. Somehow Mario wound up in an underground level that the map shows is where the Red Switch Palace should be. And he turned into Princess Peach. Holy whole hand dealer. The first time I played through the level, Peach apparently had a cold and threw tissue boxes everywhere. And apparently Bowser teamed up with Bubs from homestarrunner.com, since Bubs was trying to stomp Peach with his concession stand, though he/she avoided it easily. I didn't make it through the level on the first try, but on the second try, neither the cold nor Bubs was there. I still didn't make it through on any of the next three tries (on one try, I found that for some reason, Nintendo staff members were listed in part of the level, and on another, I found that a white cat was stuck further underground for some reason), though I only failed the fourth try because I woke up.

Wikipedia vs. my girlfriend

Context to real life: I had a girlfriend before she moved, and she shows up in my dreams from time to time.

Dream: A friend of mine at school (not the aforementioned girlfriend) invited me to her birthday party. My mom and my sister (the latter of whom has an account on LJ as pathvain_aelien) went with me, and we had to bring our own chairs and walk the whole way there rather than driving, and my mom even brought some cacti. Even so, we either got there in like 10 seconds or the dream skipped ahead. When we got there, I found that a lot of other people had brought cacti but no one else brought chairs (I don't even recall seeing our chairs when we were there). My mom took the spikes off one of the cacti and tried to get me to eat it, but I kept refusing. Eventually, she just let me refuse. Apparently, she's nicer in my dream than in real life. Once we were inside, only like 10 people were inside, but a lot more were just arriving. I looked outside and saw my girlfriend there. She was wearing black, but then I looked away and looked back outside and she was now wearing orange. Either she's trying on clothes or she found a Fire Flower. Also, when she shows up in my dreams, I have a tendency to think that she might be some other girl who looks like her, so I went outside in the dream, got on some computer in the middle of nowhere (it wasn't a laptop, but wasn't plugged into anything either), and checked Wikipedia, and there actually was an article about her (with only her first name for the title even). I don't remember whether or not it said she was at the party since I was surprised there even would be a Wikipedia article about her. The dream skipped to later that day, when we were driving (not walking, but driving) home and I had my laptop with me. I searched for "Matt" on Wikipedia to see if I had an article. I got a disambiguation page with eight entries, the first of which was "Matt with peanut butter" (what the sail?) and the last of which was me. Oddly, the disambiguation page either said I was a 12th-grader or 12 years old (can't remember which) when in real life I was a 15-year-old 10th grader. The article was not written in formal Wikipedia style; the authors of the article (two of my friends at school, one of which was the one whose birthday it was in the dream) said that they were writing it and listed things I didn't think they knew, such as my SmackJeeves username.

Weird War II

Context to real life: My school was going to do a play based on Number the Stars, which is about World War II. I was cast as a Nazi soldier called "The Giraffe".

Dream: WITHIN the dream, I had fallen asleep waiting for my one scene in the play during play practice, and Ellen, Annemarie, and Kirstie (who were played by different actresses in the dream than they were in our actual play) had apparently been waiting for a while for me. I went and did my part (forgetting several of my only 8 lines in the process), and then our director told me to go to Bubs' Concession Stand (Um...) and wait for the next practice (we usually go through the play about twice each day we practice). I somehow knew that Bubs' Concession Stand was not only, for some reason, in the church we practice in, but it was on the third floor. (Detail I originally forgot to include: In real life, the church only has two floors.) I kept looking for it (and, for some reason, turned into Mario when looking for it), but I never found it before the end of the dream.

...Yeah. Even my subconscious likes hilarious crossovers.

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