September 18th, 2010

what does it mean when...

I had a dream that somebody expressed to me that they thought I was being too over the top with phone calls and text messages.

This was taking place on the computer, through IM chat. My computer all of a sudden slows down, so by the time I restart it - the person is gone.

I call the person, and on the first ring they pick up. It was strange because I never heard the person's voice before. So I asked, "wait, is this who I think it is?" And the person said, "well, she only said what did online because she is super drunk and I am her friend." So I said.. "alright, well, listen you need to see where I'm coming from."

The person's friend all of a sudden comes to me in real life.. even though they live states away. We walk around talking for hours about what my intentions are, but for some reason it still was not entirely clear to the friend. So I mentioned how I really cared and by me trying to contact, it as just me trying to not let an opportunity slip through my fingers as she tends to be passive. So, it was all left to the friend to change the situation for me.. or at least enlighten the the person as to what my motives are.

Also very strange.. I remember receiving packages I ordered in real life in the dream. When I woke up.... the packages came in.

I wonder if i this is a pun on real life?

What do you guys think this means?