March 25th, 2009

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A long one for you

Last night I had a really long dream, it was interesting, and if more coherent could make quite a good short story. Basically I’m in a steam room but I think I am in there against my will as I sneak out making sure this woman doesn’t see me. She has big glasses, bouffant hair and a pencil skirt on and reminds me of a teacher – I only see her out of the corner of my eye. I end up in a nice bedroom, possibly a hotel room (there is a big bed and possibly red velvet curtains and I get a Harry Potter vibe) and even though I thought I was naked in the corridor I was wearing some sticky wet black thing – probably wet from the steam room. There are two tall young men in the room. They might have been captives too, whoever they are they seem to be on my side. I put on a grey polo shirt and someone says maybe I should take off the sweaty black thing.

The next thing I know I am in an airport running off to Australia. Thankfully I’d just happened to be going on holiday anyway. I see my boyfriend David of nearly nine years in the queue and he says he isn’t going to Austria with his folks (he is going on holiday on Saturday) because we booked the Australia holiday (we actually went to Aus last November) and he’s coming with me. I am worried the girl who lets us through the gate will know I am a criminal and someone says I should just use my powers to get past her. I am trying to read her mind but I don’t need to. She jokes with me, maybe David too, and lets us through. I don’t have my boarding card and worry a bit but apparently it isn’t time to get it yet. I think what if when I arrive in Australia they just send me home again and how I can’t be bothered to be on a plane for that long.

We arrive in a remote part of Australia with a tribal village of sorts living there. The landscape is calm, there is flat green land, there is a blue hue to it all, a big calm lake. It reminds me more of Scotland than Australia. There are some log cabin/hut type things and big trees. I also remember a bus ride and coming across a place called Saturn with lots of space centre/Nasa type things there. I am drawn by this place and point it out to David but I decide against settling there and end up in the peaceful place.

In the peaceful place there is suddenly a big tsunami and I am the character from my book (one I have been working on, on and off for ten years) or maybe just myself with her powers. My son/her son Peter and I manage to keep the wave high in the sky using telekenesis and it goes above us and the surrounding area and that’s the end of it. The next time a wave comes I call out for Peter to help me again and he comes out looking like an old Benjamin Sisko from DS9 when he should be a young, tall, athletic black man. I can’t manage the wave myself and one of the villagers says that moving it only keeps us safe but it still ends up crashing on the neighbouring village and killing them. At first I think we should go in our underground shelter but I decide against it and run off with two other people onto a bus/tram and we escape the natural disaster despite the fact the tram/bus is quite slow.

Before this I seemed to be getting on well with the villagers and I was able to use my electricity power to light a big ball of paper they needed that these two boys were holding. It is weird how my powers worked in this dream because usually I try and have a power in my dream and it doesn’t work though the fire wasn’t massive or anything. There was also a part of the dream where I was trying on sexy nighties but I couldn’t get all my clothes off. This is a recurring dream I have lately where I am trying to get naked but layers of clothes keep growing back on me. It’s weird and I don’t like it. I think Chris Moyles/Chris Evans or someone fat/ugly was perving on me in my sexy clothes. The nighties were see through – maybe black or white I can’t remember.

Suddenly I feel bad on the bus because I was in such a panic I forgot about David. I send him a text and try to ring him but get no answer. I worry that he is dead. Then I woke up. Felt pretty tired this morning after that long dream.

Any thoughts? I'm especially interested in the symbolism of the tsunami and not being able to get naked.

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The end is near (maybe)

I had a dream last night in which I somehow knew that the world would end this September (September 25 I think), and despite today being March 25 (it was in the dream too), thought it was exactly a year until then. So keep September 25, 2009 and March 25, 2010 marked in your calendars, everyone.

Countdown to end of world: 160-189 or 365 days
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