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Community of Dreams' Journal
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Monday, August 18th, 2014
7:11 pm
Friday, September 27th, 2013
10:31 pm
Pleas disregard that last post as it was intended for another community
Monday, September 9th, 2013
1:27 pm
I have created a BlogSpot for my dreams, I have a group over at Facebook I created for people to post their dreams and for everyone in the group to post what they think it means or things in the dream mean. However, despite having 16 members, no one posts in the group but me and no one comments. People click "like" on my dreams and people view them, because I can see when people view stuff in my group but, no one bothers to post their own dreams. The group has been open since July 20th! It bothers me... it's not as if none of these people are dreaming AND two other people were the one's to suggest I open the group, in another group I was in. We were discussing dreams and it was like, "Hey, let's create a group" and I was like, "Yeah, I've been thinking about that"... and voila. Yet, not even those two people bother to make posts. So, I have moved over to BlogSpot (aka Blogger which is now owned by Google it seems). Will probably still post in the group but will re-post everything to here:

(click the banner)

My dreams are very long at times, paragraphs long! So, that is why I made a blog for them. I also keep them in a hand-written journal for myself as well and sometimes my dreams end up pages long (though my handwriting is sort of big). I feel they mean something and I keep having words come to me at random in the dream state as well! Someone suggested to me that I look into starseeds and ascension on my actual Facebook, when I mentioned words coming to me at random in the dream state. I plan to do this soon(ish) once I get a new library card! If anyone is interested in reading my dreams or helping me interpret them, feel free.

As of lately, there is an Asian theme... I am running into Asian girls a lot... I am not Asian, have no Asian descent, and am not obsessed and am not even really interested in Asian culture. So, why this is happening is beyond me. It's really interesting because it just started happening out of nowhere.
Friday, June 21st, 2013
4:13 pm
Chocolate milk and El Heven (dream)
I dreamed of taking chocolate milk from a conference building, and then going to El Heven in DRAGON QUEST V. Interesting!

Current Mood: hopeful
Sunday, July 7th, 2013
3:32 pm
Dream: Eye of Malroth, Road to Rhone, Windows Brainshock Ω
Had a dream where I was on the Road to Rhone, and had the Eye of Malroth. Then right when I was about to go into the final dungeon (Hargon's Castle), the DRAGON WARRIOR II game glitched out on me, and went back to the Windows Documents folders view. THAT went into a Brainshock Ω animation, where the screen moved back and forth. (Omega; from the MOTHER series) I then wrote "Problems" and underlined it on a piece of paper in the binder after the documents folder, just like what I'd have done for Science 8 or 9! (for some reason, the game was on the computer and binder at the same time) What the heck?!

Current Mood: curious
Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013
8:21 pm
Eating a brace of rabbit and birds!
I took a much-needed nap, and had a dream that a bunch of us were eating a brace of rabbit and birds (pigeon?) in an empty store. Time to actually eat more meat than I did yesterday, haha!

Current Mood: amused
Sunday, July 28th, 2013
8:47 am
Rolls of tape, the Bates family, 19 kids, and snow (dream)
Had a dream where Julie, Nikki, and I were separating all these rolls of tape that had come in the mail for them; we were on a nice-looking wooden floor in a huge house. These rolls were purple and green, but then one of their friends found something wrong with them, so ordered about 300 yellow rolls of tape instead. That came in the mail the next day, and the female mail carrier wondered what sort of business we were running! The wife from the Bates family with 19 kids then discovered us in her house, and figured that a few extra people to keep an eye on the children wouldn't be such a bad thing. We were actually trying to look things up in Nikki's catalog, which was titled "Active Sports" for some reason! Then we experienced a problem with the sliding doors in the back room; the outdoor cats and dogs wanted in, and could actually enter the house through a door which had been stuck open with an insane amount of gum and other things. We had to fix the door when too many animals entered the house; we made the older kids help us, of course.

The younger children (four to eight years old) were apparently prone to dumping spaghetti, meatballs, and veggies down the sink when they thought nobody was looking! A few pairs of siblings were inseparable, and complained about the lack of Daddy attention. Since it was winter outside, everyone wanted to play in the snow! Benedict showed up at the front sliding door, and figured that 19 kids would DEFINITELY help him gain an advantage in a neighborhood snowball fight. Everyone left - my sister was among the neighborhood casualties, so I sat on her, telling the kids that this was the "in" thing to do! Eventually, we managed to finish sorting all the tape and other merchandise by making all the kids help us after playing outside.

Triggers: Deodorant, thinking about the winter (already!), and using tape on my skin. This was WITHOUT melatonin, too!

Current Mood: awake
Wednesday, August 14th, 2013
5:56 pm
Coinage, elaborate townhouses, holding hands at a local mall
I had a dream where I was taking the bus past these elaborate townhouses hidden by bushes; I was going to Safeway to get something. After that, I went home to find many tiny penny-like coins in my room. I tried putting them into piles, but they defied organization. Then I kept looking at the clock to see whether it said 5:17 or 6:17 - it was in between dark and light outside the window, so that didn't help. Finally, I just went out to wander at random; for some reason, the dream ended with me and Michael (my new boyfriend) holding hands at Metrotown, which is a local mall. WTF, subconscious?

Current Mood: bored
Tuesday, May 28th, 2013
3:08 am
Had a curious dream last night...

So, dreamt that I was going back to one of my Security guard gigs that I used to do many years ago, even though it was in a place I know I never worked in before, but pretty sure it was in the same place where I lived. One of the guys that was my superior there told me it was revamped, and instead of just having a portapotty and virtually no place to actually eat inside the thing, now it had this breakroom somewhere complete with bathrooms, and microwaves along with a dispenser that you could get things like cookies without paying for it, and even a free soda fountain. While I was explaining my excitement at how sweet was coming back to work, he was opening a gate to let some old women slowly exit the place, telling me it had a hidden spike on the floor in case someone tried to break in and could get zapped in the process. We went back to said breakroom and I told him with joy about the fact that I wasn't using a walking cane (which is true, I bought one in a thrift store due to my left foot), my heel wasn't bothering me as much as to walk using one anymore. I went back to get me something to eat on and opened a cabinet, where there were rows of muffins as well. I recollected that grey pony who everyone likes in a scene exclaiming excitedly about said pastry and then I realized something all along after I woke up.

One thing was that my superior was one of the police officers working at the College I am currently enrolled into, and he looked just the same, by that I meant human complete with the same uniform and even using a sygway while we were chatting.

The other was that I was a pony. Not just any one either, my own character I happened to create who is a Shadowbolt, but placed as one of the jobs I had a long time ago. In fact, there were ponies everywhere else, and a dream before this one which connected to it, but I can't remember what it was about, all I can recall was that when I was called back from being disabled (which sadly I am still in reality), because there was also a complaint that I could not invite another, by that I mean another pony, in the premises and had lunch. This from a very agreeable and turned pegasus Big Mac of all things.

Said place where in the dream I supposed to be working was an electric plant going inside an alley in the woods, and the strangest thing that no one else being human even noticed that I was not walking in two legs much less one of them in said dream.

If anything the other weird dream I recall having years ago was that I was kicking the living hell out of any other bad guy in a street, only to find out in a mirror's reflection that I was dressed as the White Ranger.
Sunday, May 26th, 2013
5:10 pm
Hello, I am new here! I would like to share my dreams with folks who are willing to offer feedback. My dreams are always emotionally charged and often affect me in my waking life, so I would love to seek out a community of people who are interested in discussing our dreams. Here's one that I will never forget.

A few months ago, during a period of rainy weather I had this dream:

My boyfriend (who I live with) was smoking a cigarette in the door way because it was raining outside. As romantic as the evening was, I could smell the smoke and quickly became annoyed by it, but continued on with whatever I was doing. Then I abruptly realized that my current bf does not smoke cigarettes. My ex bf did and I hated it. Suddenly I realized that I was dreaming. I rushed back over to my bf and told him, "Guess what?! This is a dream, because you don't actually smoke cigarettes in real life!" To which he replied with a shrug, "So?" And continued smoking. Disappointed in his reply to my "breakthrough," I woke up.
Monday, November 19th, 2012
5:37 pm
Weird dream during the morning...
I dreamt that I was wrestling CM Punk from the WWE wrestling franchise. Everytime he lunged at me I would just push him to a wall or anything around. I don't think I would ever be that lucky if someone like him would try to beat me up however.
Saturday, July 7th, 2012
1:56 am
A New Dreamer with a New Dream

Hi. call me Rai or Rae. I've been wanting to write about my dreams for a long time now, and have finally decided to just go for it. Just as a warning, despite my non-militarized background I tend to dream a lot about armies and apocalypse war things. This is the dream I experienced this morning; I had all day at work to think about it, so it makes more sense than it would have if I had written it out as soon as I woke up. I tried to be true to the vague memories that stayed with me, but I imagine there's a lot that I forgot.

Cut in order to save space, =).Collapse )

Current Mood: determined
Friday, June 29th, 2012
3:52 pm
In this dream there were two werewolf men. They were recently changed, and were accepted into the werewolf community. One met a girl named Myra and she helped him open up and stuff. Both men became very good friends with a native american werewolf.
The two male friends were out away from the werewolf sanctuary to think about things and figure out stuff ( maybe a few months have passed). When they got back to the community, they found out that their native american friend had been found dead in the woods not far from the community. The two friends believed that it was the rowdy, unaccepting weres.
While the two were out in the woods looking for evidence, when they came across a pack of real wolves. They were frightened because they were not sure how the real wolves would react to them. They began to remove their clothes to change into their wolf selves, one alpha came up to the dark haired friend, sniffed him, and walked away. The two friends were excited, but kept on with their search.
They found their native american friend's cellphone and heard the message that he had left confirming that the renegade pack of were's were chasing him because he had heard something the shouldn't have and was afraid that they would hurt him.
Armed with their evidence, the two friends returned with the cellphone, but when they brought it to the sheriff (whose son was the leader of the renegade were's), the message was deleted, and was replaced with a woman speaking japanese.

And that is the end of the dream. I'm not really sure what to make of it, but maybe you guys do?

Current Mood: blah
Sunday, February 19th, 2012
4:22 pm
An older dream.*~
This is my first time posting here. I'm excited to share and be shared with by other dream fanatics. And I would love to hear your comments and opinions, thanks! -Lindsey

I was in an unfamiliar school like environment. In fact, a bunch of old people I went to school with were there. We were being brought from place to place for some reason. I remember all of us being brought to this place with really fancy chairs and sofas all set up differently in a large room. I remember Tori Spelling was there and was standing all awkwardly by herself. I told her she could sit with us, but she said ' I don't think they like me.' I told her, 'don't worry, who cares what they think anyway, just sit down.' Once we had all settled, the guy in charge changed his mind and made us all leave again. The guy in charge was either the teacher or the principle, I'm not quite sure. What I am sure of is that everyone was terrified of him, they said he was evil. Though I didn't know why, and whenever I tried to inquire about it to someone they refused to talk about it. Finally, when were being driven somewhere in a big van, I got someone to talk. I was sitting all the way in the back with Cait Sessa and Danielle Lopez,[girls I was friends with in middle school Lol] and I asked them what was going on. They looked at eachother nervously, whispered to eachother, and then finally reluctantly whispered very low to me that 'He can make whatever he wants to happen.' I was confused by this and said 'What do you mean? How?' They said they didn't know. Noone did. They whispered to eachother again, but Cait shook her head at Danielle. I looked at them expectedly, and then Danielle whispered to Cait again. Cait nerously nodded her head this time, and Danielle leaned forward and whispered to me, "Do you think the reflections we see in the Mirror are real?" I looked at them momentarily puzzled by this question and then I started to explain to them about quantum physics and parallel universes and told them we were all basically just 'dust in the wind.'
The next thing I remember, I was driving my car to Florida to pick up Ashley lol. I was speeding too quickly around this dirt ramp and I knew it was coming, suddenly my car swirved and started going sideways very fast. Then all of he sudden, my car was flying through the air, sideways. As I was in the air, I was holding onto my seatbelt very calmly and thought to myself 'This is it, I'm either going to be severly injured, or I'm going to die.' I waited for the impact to come, yet it seemed to be taking too long. I looked down and I saw traffic going by underneath me. I was still flying sideways, midair.
The next thing I know, the guy in charge had brought us all back to a classroom and chairs were lined up like we were going to be watching something. He was planning on executing some of us for entertainment. I had somehow managed to figure out the key to his power was a car remote that he carried every where with him. I managed to get it away from him. He looked at me in horror as I pointed it at him, and all the students were standing in the background watching silently. As I pointed to remote at him I said loudly to him "Sit." and pushed the button on the remote. He sat in one of the empty chairs instantly. The students gasped and the guy looked at my angrily. I said to him 'I think we've all had quite enough of you. So I'm going to turn you into something harmless. Let's see...a Statue!' I shouted, and pressed the button. He quickly changed into a minature marble statue. But then I thought to myself "Hmmm..this won't do, he could still fall on someones head." So then I told him to turn into sand, and to never bother anyone again. Suddenly, the statue collapsed into a pile of sand, and a strong gust of wind burst the window open. Everyone jerked their heads to the window anxiously, and watched as the wind blew in and swept the pile of sand away with it back out the window.
The End.

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Sunday, January 22nd, 2012
10:00 am
So, this is my first post, and I don't normally share my dreams, but I just got -- so, so creeped out.

I dream in fragments, and this is one, amidst many other pleasant ones.

Under a cut because it's just -- really.Collapse )
Sunday, December 18th, 2011
2:54 am
My scariest dreams in a LONG time...
(cross-posted to my own journal, unless not using entirely the same wording makes it not count)

CthulenyaCollapse )

MarioWiki Anniversary of the ApocalypseCollapse )

Hockey Video of the ApocalypseCollapse )

Coupled with my seeing more 666's than normal in waking life over the past couple of days, these are some of my scariest dreams yet...

Current Mood: scared
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011
6:57 pm
The Folly of the Prince

There was a Viking king who had only one son. The prince looked like a younger version of his father. They both had long golden blonde hair and matching full beards, but the king's hair was graying and his face showed aging. The similarities ended there for the Viking prince was widely known to be a simpleton. The father made one last desperate attempt to change his son, since he was the sole heir to the throne. The king decided to make his son the sovereign ruler of a nearly desolate part of the empire. The king reasoned, “It should be an easy task because it is a relatively small area of land and only a few citizens live there.”

The reluctant prince was chained to his throne by his father. The prince's throne was the only piece of furniture in a great hall where everything (including the throne) was made of rough timber. This hall was surrounded by a maze of smaller rooms. The prince was given a small staff of servants to attend to his needs. The prince was given to fits of temper. However, since he was restrained, he could only stand to his feet and lean forward with his arms held back by the chains and yell at the offending subject or servant.

One day the king came to check on his son. The king asked, "How are things going?"

"Great!” the prince responded. “I ruled on a few disputes. The people seem to respect me.” Then as an afterthought the prince added, “Oh yeah a couple of people asked me if they could do some digging for some irrigation project under the hall, so I let them."

The king's face turned white, "YOU DID WHAT?!" There are secret tunnels under this hall! The enemy was trying to find a way in! You have killed us all!!!" No sooner had the king finished speaking than a commotion was heard outside. The enemy had already surrounded the great hall. The people inside panicked and started searching for places to hide. Most of the people ran outside using the side exit door of the hall hoping to escape but were ambushed by the enemy.

I, alone, was left in the deserted hall. (I guess the prince was freed from his chains so he could escape). Already I heard the invading soldiers breaking down the main door in the corridor just outside the great hall. The only place I found to hide was some built-in wall cabinets under a counter. I did not feel secure because there was no way to lock the cabinet doors. I peeked out of the cabinet waiting for a chance to escape outside. I saw a couple of invading soldiers. They looked like Vikings too except they were wearing helmets and body armor. (The king and his people had not been wearing armor). One of the soldiers poked his head in the hall. He saw it was empty so he did not enter the room. “Whew! That was close!” I thought. Then I heard them going down the corridor searching the rooms. It was at this point that I escaped out of the side exit door. I saw one of the invading soldiers patrolling the grounds, but he didn't see me. I made my way to the hedges where I ran into another invading soldier. He gave chase, but somehow I alluded capture or injury.

I made my way up a hill and came across a band of gypsy women and children. One of the women spoke to me before I could ask any questions. She sounded annoyed and disenchanted by the whole affair. “We are the women of those men fighting.” She said with disdain. “They are not even real soldiers. We are all from the suburbs of Plymouth.”

I was incredulous as I thought, “Plymouth is a modern day city with a medium sized population. The gypsy clothes, the Viking gear, it was all a disguise!” (Plymouth was not a part of the king's empire).

The woman continued bitterly, “These men are following this leader who can't even walk or fight. He is in a wheelchair! He decided he wanted a place of his own so he chose to take the great hall.”

After the woman finished speaking I walked unrestricted past the group of women and children and came to the edge of a ravine. It appeared to be about twenty feet deep. Suddenly, I was pushed from behind and I fell in the ravine. The culprit was one of the “soldiers” who had just brought a couple of captive women whom he tossed in the ravine as well. Apparently, the young women in their teens and twenties were being kept for wives or sex slaves. Some of the girls sustained injuries but they seemed to be minor. One Black woman was pushed in the ravine who looked like she was in her forties. I thought, “Maybe they made an exception about her age because there wasn't that many women.” This woman appeared to be in pain because she just laid on her back not moving. After awhile the pain must have abated because she got up. At least one of the suburban soldiers was down in the ravine guarding the women.

The battle ended almost as swiftly as it began. Except for the five or six women captured, everyone else was dead. The suburban soldiers descended into the ravine to enjoy the spoils of battle. There was a sex orgy right there in the ravine.

Saturday, October 29th, 2011
11:07 pm
Short, Wild, & Handsome

It was a sunny day, the sun was high overhead and small villages dotted the grassy hills. I was on a countryside being pushed and corralled by a swarm of angry villagers. They were all shouting in a contemptuous uproar but I heard a recurring refrain, “She is a witch! This is her fault!”

Bewildered, I thought, “They know my secret! How do they know? What is it that I supposedly did?” As I was thinking these thoughts, the mob propelled me up a hill towards a cave. Suddenly, a wild-looking, crazed man with red irises, long disheveled hair and drool in his beard, ran past me on all fours. He turned to glare at me and I shuddered with fear and alarm at his appearance. “Do the people think I did this?” I thought, as the wild man dashed into the cave. When I realized the villagers intended to put me in that same cave, I screamed in distress, “Don't put me in there!” I struggled more fervently to break free, albeit unsuccessfully.

When I was just a few feet from the mouth of the cave, the wild man emerged with his hair cut and combed. The spittle was removed from his beard. He walked upright and he almost looked like a normal man except for his deep red irises. He put up his hand to quell the riot and they immediately stopped and fell silent. To my surprise, the red-eyed man looked at me and winked! “Does he know me?” I thought perplexed.

The red-eyed man then addressed the crowd with surprising articulation and authority, “She is not the one.” Then just like that, the mob immediately lost interest in me. The crowd's attention was turned to a handsome man who had stepped forward to discuss other village matters. The witch hunt was over.

However, there was one man who was still interested in me, but for very different reasons. He kept pushing upon me trying to touch me. He was a rather short man with the top of his head just reaching my breasts. I angrily shoved him and he kept coming back trying to get close to me. This continued for a little bit until I got distracted trying to listen to what the attractive man was discussing with the crowd. The next thing I knew the stubby man grunted, zipped up his pants and walked away triumphantly. I was disgusted. Apparently he had sex with me but I never felt anything.

A little while later we were outside again, the short man was laying on his back as a doctor performed a pelvic exam. The doctor said, “I have good news! You're going to have a baby!” The stubby man smiled and seemed quite pleased. I thought to myself, “I sure hope that baby isn't mine!” I reluctantly agreed to allow the doctor to perform a pelvic exam on me. Upon concluding the exam, the doctor confirmed my worst fear, “You're the momma.”

I yelled, “No-o-o-o-o!”

10:51 pm
Hello!  I am new to Live Journal.  I have always had an interest in dreams and I am here to meet like-minded individuals.  I also enjoy writing.  So I combined my love for writing and my interests in dreams.  I have been recording my dreams for about a month now.  I have about a dozen dreams to share.  I will post one every day until I have "caught up."  I am toying with the idea of writing a book about my dreams.  I would appreciate any feedback and comments.
Thursday, October 6th, 2011
1:43 pm
A nightmare I had as a kid.

My own experience with a nightmare happened when I was a kid. I dreamt that I was in hell. I was being transported inside what it looked a rusty cauldron in a tour through a place that looked like an underground cave with fire and brimston all around. Some guy, a demon, I can't recall, all I know he seemed to have horns in his head, was using a large wooden spoon stirring what it seemed to be human parts inside a boiling cauldron. Also there was the matter of people screaming in agony and wailing all around. Before this got any further, I woke up and puked on the side of my bed. I may got bad dreams sometime, but this is the worst I ever had as a child or as an adult.

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