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Dream: Eye of Malroth, Road to Rhone, Windows Brainshock Ω

Had a dream where I was on the Road to Rhone, and had the Eye of Malroth. Then right when I was about to go into the final dungeon (Hargon's Castle), the DRAGON WARRIOR II game glitched out on me, and went back to the Windows Documents folders view. THAT went into a Brainshock Ω animation, where the screen moved back and forth. (Omega; from the MOTHER series) I then wrote "Problems" and underlined it on a piece of paper in the binder after the documents folder, just like what I'd have done for Science 8 or 9! (for some reason, the game was on the computer and binder at the same time) What the heck?!
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Strawberry fields forever!

Rolls of tape, the Bates family, 19 kids, and snow (dream)

Had a dream where Julie, Nikki, and I were separating all these rolls of tape that had come in the mail for them; we were on a nice-looking wooden floor in a huge house. These rolls were purple and green, but then one of their friends found something wrong with them, so ordered about 300 yellow rolls of tape instead. That came in the mail the next day, and the female mail carrier wondered what sort of business we were running! The wife from the Bates family with 19 kids then discovered us in her house, and figured that a few extra people to keep an eye on the children wouldn't be such a bad thing. We were actually trying to look things up in Nikki's catalog, which was titled "Active Sports" for some reason! Then we experienced a problem with the sliding doors in the back room; the outdoor cats and dogs wanted in, and could actually enter the house through a door which had been stuck open with an insane amount of gum and other things. We had to fix the door when too many animals entered the house; we made the older kids help us, of course.

The younger children (four to eight years old) were apparently prone to dumping spaghetti, meatballs, and veggies down the sink when they thought nobody was looking! A few pairs of siblings were inseparable, and complained about the lack of Daddy attention. Since it was winter outside, everyone wanted to play in the snow! Benedict showed up at the front sliding door, and figured that 19 kids would DEFINITELY help him gain an advantage in a neighborhood snowball fight. Everyone left - my sister was among the neighborhood casualties, so I sat on her, telling the kids that this was the "in" thing to do! Eventually, we managed to finish sorting all the tape and other merchandise by making all the kids help us after playing outside.

Triggers: Deodorant, thinking about the winter (already!), and using tape on my skin. This was WITHOUT melatonin, too!
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Cloud Dragons

Coinage, elaborate townhouses, holding hands at a local mall

I had a dream where I was taking the bus past these elaborate townhouses hidden by bushes; I was going to Safeway to get something. After that, I went home to find many tiny penny-like coins in my room. I tried putting them into piles, but they defied organization. Then I kept looking at the clock to see whether it said 5:17 or 6:17 - it was in between dark and light outside the window, so that didn't help. Finally, I just went out to wander at random; for some reason, the dream ended with me and Michael (my new boyfriend) holding hands at Metrotown, which is a local mall. WTF, subconscious?
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Had a curious dream last night...


So, dreamt that I was going back to one of my Security guard gigs that I used to do many years ago, even though it was in a place I know I never worked in before, but pretty sure it was in the same place where I lived. One of the guys that was my superior there told me it was revamped, and instead of just having a portapotty and virtually no place to actually eat inside the thing, now it had this breakroom somewhere complete with bathrooms, and microwaves along with a dispenser that you could get things like cookies without paying for it, and even a free soda fountain. While I was explaining my excitement at how sweet was coming back to work, he was opening a gate to let some old women slowly exit the place, telling me it had a hidden spike on the floor in case someone tried to break in and could get zapped in the process. We went back to said breakroom and I told him with joy about the fact that I wasn't using a walking cane (which is true, I bought one in a thrift store due to my left foot), my heel wasn't bothering me as much as to walk using one anymore. I went back to get me something to eat on and opened a cabinet, where there were rows of muffins as well. I recollected that grey pony who everyone likes in a scene exclaiming excitedly about said pastry and then I realized something all along after I woke up.

One thing was that my superior was one of the police officers working at the College I am currently enrolled into, and he looked just the same, by that I meant human complete with the same uniform and even using a sygway while we were chatting.

The other was that I was a pony. Not just any one either, my own character I happened to create who is a Shadowbolt, but placed as one of the jobs I had a long time ago. In fact, there were ponies everywhere else, and a dream before this one which connected to it, but I can't remember what it was about, all I can recall was that when I was called back from being disabled (which sadly I am still in reality), because there was also a complaint that I could not invite another, by that I mean another pony, in the premises and had lunch. This from a very agreeable and turned pegasus Big Mac of all things.

Said place where in the dream I supposed to be working was an electric plant going inside an alley in the woods, and the strangest thing that no one else being human even noticed that I was not walking in two legs much less one of them in said dream.

If anything the other weird dream I recall having years ago was that I was kicking the living hell out of any other bad guy in a street, only to find out in a mirror's reflection that I was dressed as the White Ranger.


Hello, I am new here! I would like to share my dreams with folks who are willing to offer feedback. My dreams are always emotionally charged and often affect me in my waking life, so I would love to seek out a community of people who are interested in discussing our dreams. Here's one that I will never forget.

A few months ago, during a period of rainy weather I had this dream:

My boyfriend (who I live with) was smoking a cigarette in the door way because it was raining outside. As romantic as the evening was, I could smell the smoke and quickly became annoyed by it, but continued on with whatever I was doing. Then I abruptly realized that my current bf does not smoke cigarettes. My ex bf did and I hated it. Suddenly I realized that I was dreaming. I rushed back over to my bf and told him, "Guess what?! This is a dream, because you don't actually smoke cigarettes in real life!" To which he replied with a shrug, "So?" And continued smoking. Disappointed in his reply to my "breakthrough," I woke up.
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Weird dream during the morning...

I dreamt that I was wrestling CM Punk from the WWE wrestling franchise. Everytime he lunged at me I would just push him to a wall or anything around. I don't think I would ever be that lucky if someone like him would try to beat me up however.