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Dream Theater live in London on 10th Feb

I haven't visited this community in a while but thought I'd post a little about seeing them live on Friday in London Wembley Arena.

Its my third time seeing the band, first time seeing them with Mike Mangini. I wasn't even supposed to be going, because I had to work that day but my brother bought me a ticket anyway, and luckily I sneaked out of work early to make it. 

The opening band was Periphery and I had listened to them prior to the gig. They remind me of Protest the Hero and were pretty good. 

The set list for tonight to my recollection was:
Bridges in the Sky
Build me up, break me down
The Root of all evil
Drum Solo
A Fortune in Lies

Acoustic section
Silent man
Beneath the Surface
On the Backs of Angels
War inside my head
Test that stumped that all
Spirit that carries on
Breaking all illusions

Pull me under

Build me up was a good song to sing live as there was a huge chorus for everyone to sing to. I also loved how they segued into several of the songs, namely from backs of angels to war inside my head - and for Mike's P's bits they had a recording. I had much preferred the set list that I saw them 2 years ago which had songs like Panic attack and count of tuscany that really have a great impact live, but it was great to see Mike, and you know how amazing a drummer he is. He showcased his one handed drum rolls during his solo. 

I don't want to say much about Mike P as I don't want to cause conflict, but I will just say I miss his presence most of all. I always used to watch him on stage and found him fascinating to watch, but this is the new set up and it was still a great show. 

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I normally can rely on this community for all things Dream Theater and the related, but there's been almost nothing about the new album. Even the icon of the community is still based around Black Clouds and Silver Linings. Have you all lost your love for DT since the departure of Portnoy?

I must admit, I did not purchase the new album. I normally buy them the day of their release and I'm not sure I'll ever buy this one. My sentiment about this issue is that Mike was the heart and soul. I am not sure I can support them without him, no matter how good the new music may be. At the core, it's just not Dream Theater without him. At least, that's what my heart says.

MP Sues Dream Theater

So, it appears that Mike is suing Dream Theater.

Normally I would say, "meh, Blabbermouth", but on top of this MP.com's lead admin, Weymolith, is also stepping down. Edit: Wey's thread has been nuked. Presumably by Mabrown or Mike himself. Classy, Mike, classy.

Wow, I don't really know what to say besides this is a totally dick move on part of MP. He wanted out of the band, and now he's stamping his feet like a kid that the band is doing just fine without him.

Do you want to hear a little bit of each song on the album.

Without getting into details, yes, I have an early copy, and no, I won't share it with you or tell you how to get one.

That being said, as is tradition here at DTLJ, before the release of an album, I make up an mp3 of snippets from each song. I have tried to not use sections of the songs that you have already heard.


please remember all discussions about the album's contents should be either behind a cut or in comments.